Stop hiding the bugs in the contact management system

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So you unceremoniously ignored my last inquiry and bug report, blew me off and closed the suggestion, without providing any substantial response that addressed the issues I raised.  I AM CONVINCED THERE ARE BUGS IN THE CONTACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.   I saw a new one today.  SO THE NEXT STEP FOR YOU IS SIMPLE:  DISCLOSE THE KNOWN ISSUES SO I KNOW HOW TO PROTECT MY BUSINESS.  Finding your bugs is not my job.  I cannot reduce my bill any further, so helping you does me no good.  (It would make me feel a little warm and fuzzy, if you hadn't just blown me off...).  AGAIN, THIS IS SIMPLE:  WHAT ARE THE KNOWN BUGS IN THE CONTACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.  Go ahead and say there aren't any, but this whole forum knows better and we certainly hope y'all would start being honest with your PAYING really shouldn't be that much to ask...


Hi @MonteH31


From the issues raised in your last post, you reported that you had a contact that was unsubscribed that was still receiving emails, and a contact that wasn't on your list that was receiving emails. We don't have any known issues that would cause those behaviors, which is why we referred you to contact our support team. These will require more information such as the contact email address, and the emails in question. When these reports come up, the issue is typically not due to any bugs but often something such as the contact being subscribed with multiple emails, being part of a group email (role address), automatic email forwards, etc. You may be asked for a copy of the email that it was reportedly received in error so that we can check the footer for the address being sent to in the system, and cross referencing with your list. Due to the information that will need to be exchanged, and the private nature of the contact information we will once again recommend contacting our support team so that we can get to the bottom of this issue for you and get it resolved. 

Status changed to: Closed - No Action

and as I have told you repeatedly contacting support is a waste of time and money, populated by chat reps who are either uninformed or dishonest or even both.  i dont' want help.  i want to know what the known bugs in the contact management system are so i can work around them.  that's all i want.  i'm not sure why that is such a difficult request...

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