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I was very disappointed to see where the survey has gone from what it was at one time (previously had numerous capabilities). I am a long time customer and this has left me with no choice but look at other software. Features that are missing are a simple contact form (I now need to enter a text block for every line I need, so name, company, title, address becomes very long). Before there was logic if someone answered a question a different could pop up based on that answer. Also, I was able to customize a question to rank their response - so a question could have multiple responses and consolidate under one question (e.g. When it comes to product selection, rate the following -- and then list a variety of areas and have them rank how important they are such as: brand, warranty, cost, etc) In the new format each one has to be a separate question. So in a nutshell, bringing back what you once had would be helpful and what you currently have is too basic. 

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Hi @EvanM76747 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! We apologize for any inconvenience caused from these features not being carried over to the updated survey campaigns. The good news is though these are both feature requests that we are currently collecting feedback on. In fact we do recommend sharing your request for both these customizable rank questions and collecting personal information on their specific feedback threads. The more requests a thread receives the higher of a priority it can be given, so voicing your request on these threads allow your feedback to be tracked appropriately. 

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It seems like everyone wants the legacy version - why not bring it back?

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