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Third Generation Editor Is Too Limited

I'm sorry, I have been using CC for about 6 years and I find the new editor really lacking. It may be fine for inexperienced designers or some do-it-yourself business owners but for the rest of us professional graphic and web designers it really sucks. I'm forced to use it because the company I work does not want to migrate to another vendor. I got so frustrated using the editor that I finally ended up designing it in HTML/CSS in the custom code editor. That works well but if any of my non HTML colleagues need to edit text they have to call on me to do the slightest text edits. The previous version allowed you to get under the hood of each module and fine tune the HTML/CSS to fit your needs. What happened to that?! The new editor seems to have been designed to be idiot proof and for the lowest common denominator and the resulting emails look like it.

Mark Goings
Graphics Specialist


Customer since 2013.

I feel validated after reading these comments. I was forced to the new editor this month and I cannot stress enough how poorly it functions. My development time has increased exponentially. What used to take 15 minutes now, literally, takes an hour. I'm actively looking for a new provider, but am most likely stuck because our organization pre-paid for another 5 months. At this point, I'm willing to loose the money invested so i don't have to endure the frustration of using this third generation editor.

Another point of contention: When a customer is admittedly venting in a help chat about how frustrating the user experience is for a product, the last thing the customer wants is a link to an article about the "new, great editor."


Hi @TriGulfCoast. Could you please let us know what exactly is causing you to spend more time creating your email? Is it the building of the email layout? I suggest reviewing this Knowledge Base article that covers the difference between our legacy editor and our new editor.

Marketing Legend

I completely agree! Constant Contact is staged to lose billions of customers due to the stripping away of all the editing features!! I mean, REALLY? I cannot even edit a numbered list?? I cannot include a, b, c after a 1, and then go back to a 2. How in the H, E, double-L does that benefit ANYONE?!!! What I need is basic editing! I want to indent. I want to tab. I want to put the **bleep** numbers where they would look in WORD!


Beyond frustrated with this 3rd generation crap!

Campaign Contributor

I totally agree. Just too many issues/restrictions. A crippled editor. Seconds before I tried to exchange a text-image (YES!—a "TEXT-image"!—because text formatting capabilities are... [bad word]), not possible–I have to delete and place again. Kidding? They don't know what they do—waiting for customer's feedback to improve, can you believe it?—expensive without a concept. Don't know (and don't care) how it was 'before'. I am a German graphic designer working for an American Foundation. I convinced my customer to change the provider, but didn't have the time yet to compare—recommendations? Totally fed up of sh…ty looking mailings from the CC editor.


100% AGREE!!!


Hi everyone,


Thank you to everyone who has shared their feedback on this editor with us! The good new is some of the things mentioned for this thread has been addressed in our Cross Device Editor. These features include - custom font sizes and inserting tables. With that said, because we are moving forward with our updated editor and are dedicating resources to making this cross device editor the best it can be we are going close this idea. This doesn't mean that we aren't listening to your feedback! Please feel free to comment or vote on any of the other open ideas to let us know what you would like to see.


In fact here are some related feature request threads we recommend sharing any feedback on:

Status changed to: Closed - Does Not Meet Idea Requirements
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