Thumbnails don't show correct image

We often create new emails by copying old ones and updating the header image and text. I notice that in the thumbnails, it shows the old header, not the new one. This is disorienting because it looks like the wrong email. I wish the thumbnail could reflect the current email, not the very first incarnation of the email.

Hello @pircclub,

There should still be a thumbnail version of your campaign on the scheduling page at this time. WOuld you be able to take a screenshot of what you are seeing? Does it only show you the grey placeholder and not the actual thumbnail, or is it missing completely? 

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Campaign Thumbnails do not update as they should.
How do I update the preview image of an email that I created and then changed the look of after making the thumbnail image? Would really love to see that the latest version of the newsletter reflected in the thumbnail preview image.

Hello all. I wanted to provide some background information. The thumbnail on the campaigns tab will display correctly only when the campaign is scheduled. Please let us know if this is not the case.

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I see we have a new schedule screen this week and have moved the preview block from upper left to the right side. Previous version there was an edit link below the preview. Really need that link; otherwise, have to back arrow to get back to edit the email. Also, there is no field to enter/edit the preheader. Really need that as well. Have for a long time.
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How do you change the previewed image? I'm unclear how you set it to begin with and how to change it after sent.

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I'm looking for a particular email from a long time ago that I will recognize by it's header appearance, not by its text title. I have hundreds of emails. Click on each one to see the image is very time consuming and could take me hours to find the right email. But if they images would all display, finding the right email would take seconds. Please fix this.


This is STILL an issue. I swear this didn't use to be the case: could right-click and select "update preview" and it would update to a thumbnail of the latest email. Unless I'm thinking of ...and if so, send someone over there and poach the functionality and apply it STAT. It takes hours of fiddling and it's visually confusing/a mess to not have preview thumbs update.


Hi everyone,


We apologize for users who may still be having this experience. We're do however want to update the status of this idea to more accurately reflect the status of the idea with our engineering team. At this time we can't guarantee a commitment to deliver on the idea but should indicate some awareness that we have heard your feedback and are continuing to collect both requests along with use case examples. In fact knowing where this outdated thumbnail appears (Campaigns tab, schedule page, campaign details, etc.) is helpful information for us to track.

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