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The old version of Constant Contact used to show what time the campaigns were to be sent. With the new version, the campaign's page only shows the date the campaigns go out on, not the time. This is extremely difficult to work with when there is more than one campaign going out per day.
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Agreed!  I now cannot see when my other campaigns are scheduled in order to schedule new campaigns at a non-conflicting time.  VERY frustrating becuase I have to look at what's scheduled first - by clicking all the way into the campaign - note it down and do that for ALL campaigns already scheduled, and THEN I can create my new campaign. Otherwise I have no idea when the other campaigns are scheduled and if I am scheduling something conflicting.


ALSO... I would like to suggest some kind of calendar view to see campaigns, both scheduled (future) and past.


And... It would be nice when you are on the scheduling page of a new campaign that you are creating, to see a sidebar or some other kind of pop-up window which would contain your future scheduled campaigns, again to make sure that you are not scheduling emails at the same times as each other.


Unfortunatley, this new update did not solve any problems and actually made it more difficult.


Thank you for your feedback; I can understand how it would be more helpful to see the date as well as the time.

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