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When I'm trying to edit a block the tool box gets in the way and I can't see what I'm trying to edit in the header. This is very annoying. I mentioned it last year in a chat and it still isn't fixed!


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@SusanS222 When viewing your email, I can see the toolbar appearing normally as I scroll. The behavior is not reproducible across all accounts so we need to collect information from users affected by the toolbar not appearing even when the browser is set to 100% zoom and the window is at full width. Please email communitysupport(at)constantcontact(dot)com with the following information:


  • Username
  • A reference to this post, such as a link
  • Browser(s) affected
  • Full page screenshot of the missing toolbar
  • A screen recording if possible
  • Operating system

The more information we receive, the easier it will be for our product team to research the issue.

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move the toolbar to the side of the email campaign into the empty gaps instead of blocking the email...

Since the Constant Contact upgrade, when I go to edit text in an email the text formatting box is directly over the text I'm editing and it's impossible to see what I'm typing. This is so frustrating, causes a significant disruption to my work flow, and feels like it should be easy enough for the developers to make the box moveable at least so it's not directly over what we need to see when editing. Please prioritize this!!!

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Hi @celebrationbarn if you scroll up or down within the campaign, you should be able to view the entire text block depending on how much text you have entered. This is especially useful when you're typing towards the start of a block. How would you like to see the toolbar positioned otherwise?

Thanks, Frankie. Ideally, I would simply be able to drag and move the text box out of the way, or have the default be that the box is a line or two above or below the text being edited, and not exactly over it, blocking the text being worked on from view. 


Hi @celebrationbarn thanks for sharing this feedback! In the meantime we have moved your post into a larger thread focused on this idea.

Thanks! Where is this thread? I'd like to follow.

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This is happening to me also. I was blaming myself because my laptop mousepad is so sensitive, but it sounds like it's a real problem.


The solution offered (just scroll down) only works if the block is fairly large. I often have a block that only has a headline in it. I do this because otherwise there is no way to have a headline extend full width with a photo and text next to each other below it. But in that use case you can't really "scroll down" because there is not enough "down" to go. It seems like the developers could figure out a way to have the edit toolbar appear above the copy block, or below it. Since it is consistently placed right at the top, it seems like it could be adjusted to be a little "above the top."

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Hi @rcppubs23. You brought up a specific example that I'd like to explore more. I tried to recreate the layout on my end to test the toolbar blocking text but I wasn't able to find the same results you were, probably because I wasn't creating the exact same layout. Do you mind providing a screenshot or video of the toolbar blocking the text?

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Hi @Caitlin_M. I did bring up this problem a month ago. I've just looked at several emails that could have had this problem but I am not seeing the same results. And I don't recall a specific one--just that it often happens with a block that has only a single line of text.


Perhaps the problem has been solved in the course of other issues the developers have been working on. If I encounter it again, I will take a screenshot and hope that I can get back to this note to upload it for you.


recently something has changed on your campaign pages. When ever I type the toolbar pops up onto my screen. Often right in front of what I'm typing. It didn't used to do that. We should have a choice to click on the tool bar when we want to use it. I can't focus or concentrate with that toolbar on my words constantly. I'm clicking the DONE button every second word just so I can see what I'm writing. It's literally making me crazy.

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