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Tool to Flag Issues In Emails

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Email template - FLAG ISSUES. I'm very new to this. Unfortunately I just sent out an email to over 250 clients, and I had failed to replace "Company Name" and "Website" on the template with my custom information. I would have very much appreciated some sort of red flag, a notice that this still needed my attention. Instead, I've sent the email with that generic info at the bottom, likely affecting the clients' impression of my professionalism and attention to detail. It seems it would be a very easy thing to program into your process - a red flag to point out incomplete areas of a template before clicking "Send". I'm extremely disappointed that you didn't flag me about this.

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Hi @DerekS000 how does our check for errors tool not fit your needs for noticing any default content that may still be in the text of your email?


hmmm... interesting way to respond, Frankie ("how does ... it not fit your needs...")     Apparently I never saw that tool, that you're implying must be so obvious.   My suggestion was to have something pop up, to flag any possible issues.    Now that I know that tool is there... I'll try to remember to use it.  If I maintain my subscription. 

Status changed to: Closed - No Action
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