Toolbar disappears and drops to bottom of large block

The new version of Constant Contact is not user friendly.  Simple COPY and edit of campaigns is taking an extraordinary amount of time which most of us do not have to spare.  I do not find any of the features effective.  Why does an editing bar stay at only the top and bottom of the campaign?  Why when text is pasted in does the cursor move to the top of the campaign - every time?  Please bring back the familiar, user friendly constant contact that worked well for your clients.  I cannot afford to spend the amount of time now required with this update to edit a simple email campaign.  Time is valuable, please fix this!

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Hi everyone. Thank you very much for the feedback you have shared in this thread and for your patience as we planned a solution. I'm happy to share that the solution is currently in development, with an estimated production roll-out to occur no later than the end of the year. Attached you will find a design that shows how the toolbar will be docked at the top of the editing screen. As you scroll up and down, the toolbar will remain in place so that it is always accessible. As part of scoping out this solution, we confirmed the approach with many users like yourself and are excited to deploy it. Thank you again.


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When we have a long text block, and want to bold and change the colour of some selected text, we have to scroll back to the top of the block to access the formatting toolbar.


It would be more useful to have it float at the top of the window, following us as we move down through the block.


Hi @FirstNameL029140


What is the name of the campaign you're having this experience with? The editing toolbar disappearing when scrolling has been fixed with the introduction of our cross-platform editor. Now when scrolling, the toolbar will move and display at the top or bottom of the screen to make it easier to edit your campaigns and format text without need to scroll back to the top of the block.

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Yup, just what I came here to say! By the time you scroll up to the formatting box, your text is no longer selected! Very annoying.

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Looks like the new cross platform editor is causing problems for our users as well.

When it's working, the text control box is pinned to the top or bottom of the text box, it NEEDS to FLOAT when scrolling through, especially on a long text box.

Other times, the text control box disappears entirely, particularly when highlighting text.

We typically use Open Sans font for our releases, this may be part of the issue.



Hi @KathleenP830


What exactly are you seeing happen when you try to copy and edit your campaigns? What steps are you taking that is now taking more time than before? As for copying and pasting your text, what browser type and version are you working in? Operating system type and version?

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I agree with this post. why does the font toolbar need to go away at all. Why can't it be fixed? Why does it float in front of content? Also, the flat colors of the new template are not user-friendly because everything looks the same.

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A great bit YES to this comment.  A few elements of the change are a disaster.  As we type our way down the screen, the formatting box disappears upscreen now and stays at the top of the text box:  so when we highlight something to edit a piece of text (such as making it Bold print), we can no longer see the Editing/Formatting Tool box.  We have to scroll all the way up to the top in order to see the formatting box/tool.  But then we can no longer see the text we were working on, so after hitting "bold" when then have to scroll back down and see if it worked.  This has made editing SO time-consuming.  We are also experiencing frequent glitchiness where when we type text, sometimes it doesn't appear on screen until after a delay of several seconds.  Our staff are really upset at how much time and frustration these two issues have caused, to the point that they no longer want to use Constant Contact.  Please, please, please fix this.  We want to continue to use your product, but if these two issues are not fixed soon, we will be forced to explore other options.  Thank you!


Grace and Peace,


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By the way, multiple staff members are experiencing this on multiple computers and browsers, including Edge and Safari, PC and Mac. 

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