Toolbar disappears and drops to bottom of large block

The new version of Constant Contact is not user friendly.  Simple COPY and edit of campaigns is taking an extraordinary amount of time which most of us do not have to spare.  I do not find any of the features effective.  Why does an editing bar stay at only the top and bottom of the campaign?  Why when text is pasted in does the cursor move to the top of the campaign - every time?  Please bring back the familiar, user friendly constant contact that worked well for your clients.  I cannot afford to spend the amount of time now required with this update to edit a simple email campaign.  Time is valuable, please fix this!

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Hi everyone. Thank you very much for the feedback you have shared in this thread and for your patience as we planned a solution. I'm happy to share that the solution is currently in development, with an estimated production roll-out to occur no later than the end of the year. Attached you will find a design that shows how the toolbar will be docked at the top of the editing screen. As you scroll up and down, the toolbar will remain in place so that it is always accessible. As part of scoping out this solution, we confirmed the approach with many users like yourself and are excited to deploy it. Thank you again.


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We are going on what 6+ months now and these two major bugs still have not been fixed.  The toolbar dances around, is usually off the page, certainly nowhere near the text being edited.  Pasting even plaintext scrolls the entire page STILL.  Do you all have any developers left or what?  You continue to insult us by calling these feature requests.  These are bugs introduced with your "NEW" editor.  Are you actually EVER going to fix these?  No updates in 6+ months of complaints and hassles.  Stop "GATHERING INFORMATION".  Just fix the dang bugs.  Why is that too much to ask?????

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This is not a request! Fix the problem. I do not have time or patience to do work arounds on something that CC knows about but refuses to fix.  This toolbar issue has been going on for sometime. I've called about it in the past reporting issues.  CC did nothing and it's broken beyond repair right now. Customers aren't going to deal with this - me for sure. I feel like I'm watching the demise of a once nice company. CC isn't saying anything but I'm sure the company has either been bought, or lost it's technical people or maybe just doesn't care.


Exactly!  I have had employees quit in frustration because their job on Constant Contact is so much more frustrating now.  For all their bromides about "growing our businesses", a platform that actually worked is the one thing they cannot (or will not) provide.


The edit bar keeps scrolling to the top so that it can't be used for changes.  This has happened before.  The person I spoke with said that you are aware of the situation.  How can this be fixed?


the editing bar floating is to top and I cant edit or get to it because its blocked by other stuff.. I cant work wlike this if its not fixed soon I need to fnd another provider. 


why does the format tools not hang, but instead, i need to scroll to the top of the article everytime?


so the fix is coming when?  does anyone actually work on the code over there?


Is there an ETA on a fix for this? Very frustrating and is making me want to change platforms. 


Wow, I didn't think a fix could be so thoughtlessly implemented.  Now you just block text instead and this is supposed to be a solution.  Do you have any user experience people on staff?  It was suggested many many times for many years to use the blank spaces on the side of the emails for the formatting toolbar.  I'm not sure why this is so hard to implement...I'm not sure if you could make the customer feel any less you want me to come fix it for you??  Even an amateur developer could do a better job at meeting the customer requests.  Do you have any engineers left?  Surely the quality testers have all fled for greener pastures...

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Can we get an update on this? The last one was at the end of January and here we are starting May. This isn't the first bug we've seen that took months or years to fix, but it could be reassuring to get more regular updates.

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