Toolbar disappears and drops to bottom of large block

The new version of Constant Contact is not user friendly.  Simple COPY and edit of campaigns is taking an extraordinary amount of time which most of us do not have to spare.  I do not find any of the features effective.  Why does an editing bar stay at only the top and bottom of the campaign?  Why when text is pasted in does the cursor move to the top of the campaign - every time?  Please bring back the familiar, user friendly constant contact that worked well for your clients.  I cannot afford to spend the amount of time now required with this update to edit a simple email campaign.  Time is valuable, please fix this!

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Hi everyone. Thank you very much for the feedback you have shared in this thread and for your patience as we planned a solution. I'm happy to share that the solution is currently in development, with an estimated production roll-out to occur no later than the end of the year. Attached you will find a design that shows how the toolbar will be docked at the top of the editing screen. As you scroll up and down, the toolbar will remain in place so that it is always accessible. As part of scoping out this solution, we confirmed the approach with many users like yourself and are excited to deploy it. Thank you again.


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Why does the tool bar disappear?  I can't change the color of text when I highlight the text, the toolbar disappears.


Your question is good, but it's not the best one in this situation.  The best question is WHEN WILL IT BE FIXED?  This has been going on for what over NINE months and still has not been fixed.  At this point, maybe WILL IT EVER BE FIXED is the best question of all.  Or even better, WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE?  In NINE months a developer already six feet under could have fixed this bug.  But it takes management to call a bug fix a feature request - that's just rich!

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I've just read through this string of messages/comments hoping that Constant Contact was going to do something about the toolbar that falls right into the text. The problem has been ongoing for almost a year.  It fries me to see responses from CC like "it's a small number of requests."  You must be kidding.

After all these months I guess the real answer is that CC is not going to fix the problem. We can either live with it or go to another platform. 


Hi all. After speaking with our teams, the toolbar functionality is being included as part of a larger project to address some concerns with the formatting toolbar and the overlay with various blocks. We'll update the thread once have more information to share regarding when you can expect this update.


For now, you can separate the text into multiple text boxes or to scroll down to the bottom of the block to use the toolbar.


Priceless!  You broke the toolbar at the last update and after nearly a year of hemming and hawing, you have decided to not to bother to fix it.  Thanks for your generous workaround.  It's so clear that the customer experience is Constant Contact's first priority.  Absolutely shameful and pathetic.  And it took nearly a year of doing nothing to officially say "WE"RE DOING NOTHING".  Wow.


When I highlight copy to perform a task, the floating toolbar almost always disappears under the top navigation, meaning I'm unable to access it. Is this one of the issues slated for improvement in the response from Caitlin_M of 12 May? If so,I hope it can be activated soon. Thank you.



The formatting bar for any given block (of text, for example) disappears when any content is pasted into the working CC newsletter draft. All the other blocks that were organically created or preexisting are fine and have a snappy responsive formatting tool.


Is there a way to anchor the formatting toolbar, so I have the power of keeping it present, instead of it just disappearing and refusing to reappear?


any text I copy from another window, even a Constant Contact campaign, comes through without any "match style" formatting when copy/pasting.


please say there's a work-around and I'm just missing something?


The formatting tool bar has been harder and harder to use. Today, I can see the bottom of it at the top of my screen, but cannot access it at all. In other words, I can't even create my email blast this week.


The Tool bar keeps on disappearing!!  I've read thru all these comments from a year ago and the issue exists.  I thought I was the only one!  This is impossible!!! I've wastes SO much time on these emails I want to quit this program! 


I am dismayed to see that this serious usability issue is still there after months and no-one from constant contact appears to be listening. It is so bad we are re-evaluating use of the platform. PLEASE FIX THIS. 

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