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Hi there,

I posted this on a support forum but thought I should post it here.

A quick overview, I'm quite unsatisfied with the recent function of express or implied permission. It actually do anything and doesn't allow any interaction in any way except for seeing it. My main recommendation is to make this an optional function to define contacts further when sending an email (i.e. a tick box or drop down which is "only send to contacts with express permission").


I have other concerns with this feature which I will list below:

1) It's is not really trackable, to see if someone has clicked the button to give express permission you have to physically keep going back and checking. Also on the reporting of the GDPR consent email itself you can't see this data.

2) It is not definable at all. You have to physically make it so by making the contacts in these fields tags and then constantly updating them.

3) It doesn't actually supply proof of consent. There is no logged data on things like date or method through which this consent was gained.

4) It still means we hold data on people who we don't have permission from, it just puts them in a list of people who we don't have permission to hold this data.


In summary I don't really see how people are expected to use this tool as it is and how it helps with issues around GDPR at all. Thank you for reading my feedback and I look forward to hearing back from you on this.

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Hello @SophiaJ39,


Thank you very much for taking the time to provide this feedback, we truly appreciate it and I have passed along all the requests made to our engineers as they look further into our GDPR process. For your first point, the engineering team is aware the link is not trackable and they have been looking into this. The reason it's not trackable is because it is a dynamic link which interferes with the tracking link we use on all other regular links. For the permission status, it's true that how the permission is achieved is up to you and the options are there to help you know who you've gotten Implied and Express permission from. However, I've also passed along the feedback to be able to send to 'Implied' or 'Express' contacts as I agree this is a very good idea and we are always looking for ideas on making the process better.

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Agree with you on these issues.  Constant Contact needs to have traceable info so we can provide proof of expressed permissions to be in compliance with GDPR 


Is there a way to add a column for implied/expressed permission in the contact lists? At the moment the only two options are name, email, company, city or name, email, date added and source. It would be very useful to see whether a contact has implied or express permission without having to go into each individual contac.

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