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Each and every time I copy an old newsletter to edit for a new publication ( I have about 50 clients I publish for in another account and 1 I publish for in this account ) I receive the mobile template splash screen.  It was great the first few times and I'll admit I even looked at a few mobile templates.  But I don't have the time, nor do I feel the need to switch everything I publish to a mobile friendly template.  I've looked at everything I publish now in a mobile setting - it looks fine - why the push to switch I wonder? How do I turn it off?  The splash screen is an annoying extra step and I've seen it enough I now have it comitted to memory.  HELP!  TURN IT OFF!


Hi @WEA-Cascade


I apologize about that. At this time there isn't a way to disable the mobile template screen that displays in an account other than by clicking the "X" to close out of the screen when it appears. I will be sure to pass along your suggestion about adding an option to not see the message again, so thank you for sharing that!




Unfortunately ChenoaG - CTCT did what it does best - blew smoke instead of providing a response with an actual remedy.  Don't hold your breath...I know I'm not going to.

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It seems as though they don't really read the questions through.

I'm finding more and more that I have to rephrase or restate what I'm trying to say.


I was a techncial writer then developer for 20 years so I'm sure its not always my problem.


CTCT your losing it ...




Aweosme, I am glad to hear this! Thanks for posting!

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We send a minimum of 6 emails per week and I'm getting quite annoyed at the popup that keeps telling me about mobile users and choosing another template.  As you can see from our recently enhanced open reports, more than half of our customers open their emails on a COMPUTER so the template we're using is just fine. 


Why can't you simply add a "Don't show this message again" option on that incessant popup?  We're adults, and should be able to make that choice if we wish, no?  Don't you realize that your mobile templates are not the best option for some of your customers and we're getting really sick of being hammered with them.  Thanks.

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While I understand the need to do promotions on occasion, I don't need to be reminded about your mobile template EVERY SINGLE TIME I SEND A NOTE AND USE YOUR SERVICE. There is no OPT OUT and it is beyond frustrating, not to mention it is slowing my work down when I am using you to speed it up. Please, enough already with the pop-ups. Paul S. Garrard Founder and President PGPresents, LLC

Thanks for the feedback on this popup. I am sorry to hear of ths frustrations but appreciate your thoughts!

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Definitely agree. All of the Constant Contact provided templates ought to be mobile friendly, for OBVIOUS reasons.

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