Unable to register people for events - form deletes registrants' info and must be reentered

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Hello, Several staff members and myself noticed that sometimes when attendees call us and ask us to register them for events, we will enter their information for them (we just collect first name, last name, email address, and a confirmation email address) but when we try to register them, their name and email address gets deleted from the form and all that is left is their confirmed email address (and they are not actually registered until we enter their info again). My coworkers and I have seen this happen on multiple occasions, for different events, and using different web browsers (Google Chrome and Internet Explorer). If this is happening when staff tries to register people, it must also be happening to people who sign up on their own at home, as well. Is this a known problem with Constant Contact, and is their any way to fix it? Sincerely, Emily Oumano Programming Librarian
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HI @JeffZ

We pushed a fix for this on the 10th, can you verify if this is still happening?

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It seems to be fixed. Thanks!

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We use "you" for our online registration process.  I am getting many calls from participants who can't register.  They all have 1 thing in common...they are using the Safari browser.  I have learned to tell them to switch browsers, but I see by searching that this is not a new problem.  When will you make Constant Contact play friendly with Safari?

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Hello @JJOliger,


As long as they are using the most updated version of Safari, it is a supported browser for Constant Contact: https://knowledgebase.constantcontact.com/articles/KnowledgeBase/5626-web-browsers-that-work-with-co....


In order to accurately track your issue, are you able to describe what exactly is happening when those participants attempt to register? Does it give any sort of error?

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When they call, they tell me that they fill out the form and when they click continue it bounces back to the form and everything is empty except their email.  There is no error message.  When I suggest that they use a different browser it takes care of the problem.


Thank you @JJOliger,


That is in fact a current issue we are experiencing with our Event system and Safari, I do apologize for the inconvenience. I've passed your feedback along, thank you for bringing this up. At this time there is no time frame or guarantee on a solution.

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Do you have an update on the issue with the Event system and Safari?  I have had people call to complain they cannot register for events when they use Safari.  I tried on my home computer with the latest version of Safari and experienced the same problem.  The page refreshes and only the email is left.

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