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Sometimes I need to go into a scheduled email and unschedule it to make an edit. When I'm done and go to schedule it, CC doesn't save my day or time but defaults to sending it now. Frustrating that I have to reschedule it, and way too easy to accidentally send an email now when you don't intend to. Any chance of fixing that? Thanks! 

1. Copy / paste formatting – like Microsoft Word, offer an option to either keep formatting or to match destination formatting. I absolutely despite having to change formatting because the paste maintained the source formatting, which is entirely different from the destination I'm pasting into. 2. Copying a previous campaign – some sort of verification about using the same lists. I've been burned by copying a campaign (to keep the content and formatting), but it goes out to the previous list when it should have gone to an entirely new list. 3. Unschedule / reschedule – retain previous schedule. If I unschedule a campaign for whatever reason and then go to schedule again, as long as that previously scheduled date / time isn't in the past, remember my previous choice so I'm not starting from scratch again. (Usually if I unschedule, it's to make a tiny tweak, then I'm going to reschedule it immediately for the same time I had it setup for previously.) 4. Send a test – text block, not one at a time. The old way of doing this was so much better. And if you can't bring back the old way, can you at least make it so that these fields will auto-complete with previously used TO addresses?
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And it also helpfully (HA HA) resets the "send me early results" checkbox to being checked even if it was unchecked.

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We now have both the schedule time/date and list selection saved if you need to unschedule your email and reschedule it. Thank you for the feedback!

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