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Update Profile Link Needed

It would be nice to have a link made available for us to use for "Update Profile Form". Currently, there is only a link for "Sign-Up Form". If I want to send a message out to my database asking them to review and update their profile, I have to use the "Sign-Up Form" link which is miss-leading and requires our customers to sign up for the lists again before it recognizes them as already being in the system. Adding the "Update Profile Form" link to the sign up tools will allow us to place only the update info inside of a message and making the system easier or use and not confusing to the customers.


So is there a solution for this?? I need to just send my customer a link to go update their info when they ask. It seems rather ridiculous to have to tell them to go find a previous email and look for the tiny link on it to update what info they want to receive or change their email address. And I certainly don't want to have to make every change for every customer myself. 

You offer the option to add a subscription reminder and unsubscribe link in the header of the e-mail but not in the footer. maybe it is because you have the SafeUnsubscribe link at the very bottom but I feel this might be confusing for some people, whereas the subscription reminder is much clearer. If you were to offer the option of putting the subscription reminder in the footer I feel that the message would flow better because putting it in the heading and using it there just looks bad when you actually put it into practice.
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Currently, the update profile setup practically ensures that few, if any contacts will ever update their profiles.

It's a long, multi-step, cumbersome process. 


First, our customers have to find the "Update Profile" link in an e-mail they've received.  That link is buried among a slew of other text and links in the footer.  So it's hard for the to even notice or find. 

Second, they click that link and go to a web page, for which they can not update their profile.  It just allows them to be sent an e-mail to update their profile. 

Third; They have to go back to their inbox to find the e-mail generated by the web form.

Fourth: They have to click the link to go to a new web form in which they can actually update their e-mail.

It amazes me that we should ask a contact to take 4 steps to update their preferences.  No one has the time or patience for that, so they just don't do it.  

In addition to the really poor user experience, there is no way to format any of the web forms such that they look or feel professional.  You can only write one continuous line of text in those forms.  (I love how the editor encourages us to write stuff to motivate people to actually fill out the form, then just jams into one piece of text.)

In addition to all that badness, we can't send an e-mail or provide a link to the update form.  They can only do the update if the find the buried link on an e-mail.  



Make a ONE STEP webform that can be linked to from anywhere.  

... and before you reply to me "Just send them to your signup form."  The signup form does not update list preferences if they are already in our contacts lists.



We would like to send our current customers an email to update their profile. It's an option for new customers who sign up, but it takes too many steps to lead current customers to update. It is a benefit to our customers to dictate which specific emails they would like to receive and a simple email with a link is the easiest way to do this. Thank you for considering our feedback.

This is incredibly frustrating and our new CEO is miffed that he can't change his profile to reflect his new role without creating an entirely new profile. Then I have to go into the system and delete his old profile. It's sort of ridiculous, really. 

Would LOVE to have a button or link so I could easily send out an Update your Profile email that doesn't direct people to the footer.


I have a same question. How can we remove the 'Unsubscribe' button from the header?

It is already there in the footer area, so there is no need for it to be on top of the email. Please help. Thanks!

Would love to see an option for including an update your profile link on a website. Nice to have it in the emails but would be great to be able to create a page on our site where we can describe the various lists we could have and a user could click a link and add/delete/unsubscribe right there. Thanks!
Status changed to: Voting Open

Thank you for the great feedback @ChristopherG19,


I can definitely see how having an update profile button on your website would be helpful for your contacts.  I'm opening this feedback up for voting.

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The Update Profile should be a link, like the signup form that I could enter in the body of the email.
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