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Update Profile Link Needed

It would be nice to have a link made available for us to use for "Update Profile Form". Currently, there is only a link for "Sign-Up Form". If I want to send a message out to my database asking them to review and update their profile, I have to use the "Sign-Up Form" link which is miss-leading and requires our customers to sign up for the lists again before it recognizes them as already being in the system. Adding the "Update Profile Form" link to the sign up tools will allow us to place only the update info inside of a message and making the system easier or use and not confusing to the customers.

Please give users the option to update their profile by including the form in the welcome email. This cuts out a step and lets them read the welcome and finish their profiles at the same time. Thank you!
Campaign Contributor
We should be able to use this function to allow our customers at any time to keep our lists as accurate as possible. Thank you!

HI @sproutforbusiness

Can you tell me more about what you are looking to have your contacts do?They can click the Update Profile link in the footer of your emails to change their subscriptions if you would like. This just requires you to have included the update profile link as well as have lists visible on your sign up form. 



Campaign Contributor

I would like to send an email to all my contacts asking them to update their preferences and contact information and right now I cannot include the update profile link in the body of the email, nor can I send the email I have created in the sign up tools section of the account. Now, I have to convince people to click the link in the footer of the email which tends to be ineffective.


 How do I send the "Update Profile" email template??  I have personalized this email in the set up tools section.  I am able to preview it and send myself a test version, however, I can not send it out to my contacts??  Please advise how to schedule and/or send this out to my contact list.  


I am also looking ot send an email using the "tool" section that I worked on. 


I have the same requirement.  I used the "Text to Join" feature that only collected an email address.  I now need to ask the subscribers to update the records with their name and/or other info.  I have customized the update profile email in the tools, but do not see a function to send it out to a "selection" of subscribers.  It would be great to have this email show up in the "Quick Send" list in the Contacts page.




is this not possible??? i am trying to add a update profile link in the body of an e-mail in 2016. 


Yes, I, too am looking for an Update Profile link.  I realize that we could insert the Sign Up Form link, but I want them to go to the Update Profile page that I spent time modifying for this very purpose.

Brand Visionary

I am boggled that I can't provide a link to this form. I go in so many circles with Constant Contact. I just want to provide a link for my current users which allows them to update the lists they are on. Why do I have to use the API and do a bunch of custom programming for something that should be so simple?

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