Update Twitter Logo to X Logo

Can we please update the Twitter logos in the "social follow" templates?

When I send out emails to subscribers, I don't want messages to look outdated because my email service has not updated this template yet. The change in name and logo occurred over a week ago.

Top Answer

This has been implemented in all emails built using the Cross Platform/Device Editor (CPE). If you're still seeing the Twitter logo, make sure you're not still using the older 3rd Generation Editor (3GE) to build your email. If you're in the CPE, make sure to edit your social bar to force the visual change through for your existing block, or simply delete and re-add.

Constant Contact Partner

Talked to support on the phone and now they are saying this is a licensing issue. Doesnt seem like this is going to get resolved anytime soon.

Campaign Expert

Yes, there always seems to be some issue going on and you never get an honest answer.  We are looking at switching from Constant Contact to .  Check them out.


Now it is the beginning of Oct. and Constant Contact has yet to provide the new icon. It has been TWO months now! This is starting to really not be OK, Constant Contact!

Campaign Expert

I have removed Twitter from my Social Follow Block, and will add it back when/if Constant Contact updates the associated logo.

Brand Influencer

I'm just trying to nudge this along... are we close to getting the new "X" logo?  Our workaround of creating an image and placing it next to the social media icons is imperfect and time-consuming.  Thanks!


Constant Contact Partner

We all have been trying to nudge this along but have not received an update from Constant Contact. We are all on our own until they have an update.


Please provide an update on when the new logo will be updated. I receive emails using other email service providers that already have the new logo and emails received the old logo look unprofessional and outdated.

Constant Contact Partner

Talked to partner support this morning on this issue and Constant Contact told me that they ended their relationship with Twitter, including updating any logos or integrations. Apparently twitter use to have a free api but they changed. So no update will come it seems.

Constant Contact Partner

Update!!!! I'm seeing the updated Twitter logo, double click on your social media Icons and you will see the updated logo. I found this by accident. Didnt recieve any communication from Constant Contact on the update, especially after they told me they had no plans on updating. I guess they figured things out.




This is great! Thank you for sharing!

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