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Upgrade event landing page and invitation editor

Your email marketing tools are excellent, but the editor for the landing page is about as bad an interface as I've ever seen. Outdated, not user-friendly, absolutely frustrating and maddening to use.

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Our Events 2.0 tool has the same editor that is used for email campaigns and landing pages. No coding knowledge is required!


We are marking this idea as closed as our legacy events tool is retired. If you have feedback on the new Event 2.0 tool, please post on our Idea board.

The code on the landing page currently has a large space at the bottom of the page between the last boxes (such as registration) and the bottom border. The space is perhaps equal to six lines of text. This is not an issue with regular event invitations, but shows up with landing pages. Your help desk colleague indicated that she could not fix this problem - it is not an issue of an additional block being present. Please fix this code - the current large space makes landing pages look less than professional. Thank you.
There is a large space at the bottom of the landing page that is blank - it is between the last block and the bottom border. Your help line indicated there is no way to fix it - it is not a matter of an additional block that could be deleted. Kindly remove this large gray space. The blank block makes the landing page look less than professional. Thank you.

Thanks for posting this feedback! Are you using a theme in your Event that has a bottom border?

I don't quite understand why there are limitations on the formatting of the event landing page. Isn't there a way to make it similar to the templates for the emails? It is frustrating to not be able to tab and make the bullet points come away from the margin. It makes the listing of the topics look unprofessional. Also the choices for fonts are quite hard to read. I also don't understand why the options of blocks are so hard to utilize and add when they are much more easy to work with in the emails.
It is extremely hard to locate the url for the landing page. I'm trying to put the link on the initial invitation, but everywhere I attempt to do that, the Registration page shows up instead. It is extremely frustrating!
Font size is not increasing. Tried increasing to 18pt. Please add text alignment button as option.

I had voiced this complaint before...and as I now have 2 event campaigns going-one for a free webinar and the other one for a program I'm offering on the webinar, I've been dealing with how awful the Landing page  is to work in! The toolbox doesn't follow down the page, so one must scroll up to find it to do any editing, it doesn't have the easy way to work with images, like the emails do, it just is clunky and not very elegant at all.

I am thinking of using another Landing page system in the future due to this.I've been a CC customer since 2006...and some of the changes have been good, others not so good or I wasn't informed and had big issues with my email...and now even though I've used the events campaign in the past, it now seems very outdated.

I hope CC gets a better Landing page platform to work in.

Campaign Contributor
I like the landing page I'm using for events, BUT the text runs over the right hand edge and looks messy. I can't seem to change the margins of the event body.

I could not agree more! I am so frustrated and have wasted soooo much time. I did my evite in 10 minutes and it's free!!

Campaign Expert

Agreed; the landing page editor is very outdated and hard to work with. Most of the available themes are garish, and while there are options to customize your own theme, there are not enough options provided in order to create an event page that is attractive and aesthetically pleasing. Because the invitation emails are tied to the theme of the landing page, I also find the invitation emails to be fairly ugly. 

Off the top of my head, some of the features I find frustrating are: 

--You center an image, despite selecting that as an option

-- There are no options to create a footer block
-- You can't customize font size beyond the 7 sizes offered, and there aren't that many fonts to choose from 

I wish Constant Contact would take the time to update the event landing page editor because we're spending extra money for this product, and it just doesn't seem worth it. 

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