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I am a big fan of Constant Contact and the platform makes professional emails unbelievably easy to create. I also admire how quickly you innovate and add new features. However, I have to say that recently, I feel like the value of the new features is not great enough to offset how gltichy everything is becoming. For example, I cannot crop a picture that I have recently uploaded without saving my entire email, refreshing my page, and re-editing the photo. If I don't do these steps, it says my changes cannot be saved. Also, the new padding feature you added is cool, but it now makes it much more difficult for me to enter a link or replace an image. When I hover over an image, those options don't appear, but if I click the image, it messes with the padding. Sometimes... I cannot click the padding button. 


Like I said, I really think it's awesome how you guys are continually improving your platform, but I hope you continue to really test and perfect the usability affects of new features before releasing them so Constant Contact continues to be the easiest email marketing platform to use. That's why we picked you guys!



Mallory at Chess4Life 

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Thank you for the great feedback @AustinR356,


How often does the issue happen when you're trying to insert links?  I'd like to understand that a little better.  You are clicking on the image itself and it changes the padding?

Occasional Participant

Thanks for the response, Patrick. 


I have been doing a little trouble shooting myself and noticed that this only happens when the image is small. I insert a lot of images that I use at buttons so I can customize the look and shape. Because these images are shorter than the regular pictures I insert, anywhere I click on them affects the padding. However, even this seems to be slightly improved recently as the padding button has been slightly offset from the image. 


The more frustrating problem is definitely having to refresh the entire page before I can edit a recently uploaded image. Have other customers experienced this? Is it something that is being worked on? I have included an image of the error I always get when I attempt to crop a newly imported image before refreshing. I can successfully crop it, but the error occurs when I try to save. saving new image.JPG 








Thank you for getting back to me @AustinR356!


Makes total sense what you're experiencing.  As far as the image padding issue, it looks like it's a known issue but I don't currently have an ETA for when it will be addressed.  For now when inserting buttons you may want to try our "button" block, although you may not be able to get the corners as rounded as the ones I see in your emails.


The image editing bug that you're experiencing is one that we've been working to fix.  We believe we should have a fix out within the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime if you go to your Library tab in your account and edit your images, you should not experience the save error.


Thanks again for the detailed response.  If there's anything else I can help with, let me know!

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