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I have been a Constant Contact subscriber for several years.

Constant Contact has been behind the curve with email automation compared to other providers.

I have always been disappointed that I could not save advanced searches to use the same criteria again and new prospects are added to my list.

This problem was recently solved with the SEGMENTS feature.


I have chatted with customer support and discovered that the SEGMENTS feature does not work when using the ADVANCED editing feature. You can only select from LISTS to send an email.


I need to only target emails that have purchased certain products, and segments lets me select for that.


But since segments are not selectable when sending an advanced HTML email, I have to:


Refresh a segment

Clear a similar list

Add the segment to that list

Then select that list fo mailing.


Which defeats the purpose of having segments in the first place. (segments updates whenever you chose to mail to a segment so it stays current, which eliminates these extra, tedious steps)


It seems that not implementing segments as a "send to" option when using the advanced editor is a major omission. 


I'm sure your better customers, with larger lists, and custom HTML emails are disappointed by this omission. And are searching for alternative providers.


Please consider adding Segments to the "mail to" options of the advanced editor as quickly as possible or I will have to leave constant contact.




William Williams



I need to do this each time I mail to keep the list current,


All thei

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hello @WilliamW61,

Thanks for bringing up this feedback on the ability to send to segments from the custom code editor! I will be opening this up to voting so other users can vote and comment on this idea as well. 

Status changed to: Coming Soon
Status changed to: Closed - Implemented

With our new custom code editor, you now have the ability to send an email to a segment of contacts . We will now close this idea. Thank you!

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