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I am going to try and be nice, but I really don't know how to say this nicely, I find your systems un-user friendly. You can't easily drag and place an image wherever you want it to be. You can't resize an upload of an image if it's too big of a size. You can't easily duplicate anything pretty much. You can drag things easily. You can drag things into full page instead of split, and even in the split feature it's impossible to navigate. It didn't auto save, and when you tried to undo, it undid your progress instead. It's been a terrible pain using this product to say the least, so much so that I asked the organization to switch companies. 

Status changed to: Clarifying

Hello, thank you for your feedback. We're always open to hear how we can improve! Going to break this up a little bit to make sure we capture and track all of the different feedback appropriately:


  • Can't drag and drop image where you want it to be - When dragging an image use the pink "move" line as a gauge, it does typically move it above or below blocks (full width in it's own block), left or right of blocks to create a split column, or in the left and right corners of block to be along side the text in the block. The move areas are typically limited to these spaces with the thought in mind that on a mobile device everything is stacked into a one column view. That's where some scenarios like, for example, wanting to move it into a middle of a block with text wrapping around both sides get a little tricky when adapting to mobile. However, I don't mean to imply it's perfect and there aren't other scenarios we should be trying to solve for. Any more information you can provide on generally where you'd like to place images that is being difficult?

  • You can't resize an upload of an image if it's too big of a size - This is for a scenario where you upload a file and get an error that the file size is too large correct? Rather than having to go off somewhere and resize it manually, offering a way to resolve/resize that image as a part of the upload process. That's good feedback, thank you.

  • You can't easily duplicate anything pretty much - As in duplicating from a separate design, like something in a PDF you are trying to adapt into a newsletter? If by chance, you're referring to duplicating something that's already in your email, there is the ability to copy a block making an exact duplicate of that block that you can then adjust.

  • You can drag things into full page instead of split, and even in the split feature - The optimist in me wants to be happy this is working well. The realist in me isn't ruling out that you meant "can't" rather than "can". I do think sometimes the "pink line" guide can be confusing as there are two different ways to move elements. Moving entire blocks up and down, or moving things within blocks to to make a layout. I think the animated gif in this article involving creating layouts is a good visual display on what I mean by that.

  • Auto-save and undo issues - That's not the first time I've heard that. Our product team is currently collecting information to try and get to the root of the issue, as it isn't anything we've been able to observe ourselves yet. If you have the extra time, this thread has a list of information we're collecting.


Really sorry for the issues you've been having so far I feel like some of the drag and drop issues we could possibly help you resolve and make the editing experience easier. If it's easier you can certainly give our support team a call and that way you can share your screen and work through some of the layout issues together. 

Status changed to: Closed - Not Enough Information

Thank you for taking the time to post in the Community. We asked a few questions to better understand your experience when working in the editor but we have not heard back from you so we will be closing this idea.


If you can better clarify what improvements you would like to see, please comment on this post. Our chat and phone support team is also here to help as well if you need live assistance.

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