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Very serious email suspension issue

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Hi, I just lost about $1,000 in revenue and about $300 worth of my time because of serious flaws in your system. You mysteriously and erroneously flag emails as non existent. Then you suspend them forever. This happens even if there is a temporary server issue with a very common domain ( or a few bounces because of a vacation auto response. Or just for mysterious and inexplicable reasons (,, and about 20 other emails). My request: You absolutely need to rewrite your code to provide the feature of allowing us to send emails to all emails, EVEN AND ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ERRONEOUSLY FLAG THEM AS NON EXISTANT OR OTHERWISE PROBLEMATIC, SEE THE TWO ABOVE AND ABOUT 26 OTHERS FLAGGED IN MY JUNE 4, 2020 'OPEN LIST' CAMPAIGN). I was just told my an account manager rep that Constant Contact will not ever allow us to permanently override your erroneous suspension and always send emails to all email addresses because it would "take too much time" another way of saying you do not want to spend the money on customer satisfaction. This is wrong. This is a serious issue. Your system mistakenly flags emails as problematic or non existant for random and erroneous reasons. This is costing me about $1,000 in revenue I have to return to customers because they were not receiving product. Plus about $300 in personal time for the four hours I spent last night and today talking with your reps to try to figure this out. Bottom line: You absolute must allow us the option of overriding your faulty system and allow us to SEND TO ALL EMAILS ON OUR LIST REGARDLESS OF WHETHER YOU ERRONEOUSLY THINK THEY ARE NON EXISTENT OR OTHERWISE PROBLEMATIC. Good lord you are blocking campaigns to functioning emails at gmail, hotmail, yahoo and comcast, which probably make up at least half of the emails or more in the country. Very flawed.
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Hi @MichaelB689 we apologize for the inconvenience and will certainly take your suggestions and reevaluate our code.  The current way our system is set up at this point is to interpret the bounce code we receive from the receiving email service providers as best we can and make the best decision possible based on the data our systems have gathered.  We understand that given there is no universal bounce code for a non-existent bounce there can be some false positives.  However, we are certainly willing to assist in any way possible. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Deliverability Specialists directly as they can assist further.

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