View and Edit Contact Details from Segment List

It would be great to be able to access contact details from a segment I've created. Segments help me break down lists. The contact list has the ellipses for accessing the contact details when you look at it. If that same ellipses was offered on the segment contacts, I could much more easily review my contacts and get rid of bs emails. As it currently is, I have to look at the segment list, move back to contacts, search that contact, then edit them, then move back to segment list to see which is my next one to work on. 

Great tool. One thing that would be nice if i could edit the contact right from the review segment page.
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Hi @TravisA50 what are you looking to edit on your contacts? How would you want this edit feature to be available on your segments page?

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Hi @SandraH3175 thanks for sharing this feedback with us! How would you want to view your contact's details from a segment? What steps would you expect to take?

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Hi @Frankie_P 

In the screenshot below you can see how when you click into a list of contacts, there are three dots on the far right side of the name (Ana Carla). You can click those dots and then enter into that contact's information. It would be great to do the same thing with segments. Where when you click into a segment that you have created and you see the list of contacts, you could then click on the three dots to the right of the name, directly into a person (Wanjin Cai) on that segment's contact information to edit it. ACM List of Segment.JPG

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ACM List of Contacts.JPG

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Hi @SandraH3175 thanks for following up with these examples! We are opening this idea up so other users can weigh in as well.

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It would be ideal to EDIT the pulled list vs. exporting to Excel. EG, if you want to type in first names
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Creating segments is the best way to easily identify specific contacts. It would be useful to add the ability to select and edit (add tag, remove tag, unsubscribe, delete) contacts within a segment. At this time, the only way to do that is to create the segment, add the contacts from the segment to a list, then edit the contacts from the list. 

Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

At this time, we do not have plans to include this functionality in the segment tool. Segments can be added to a list and when the list is exported, contact details can be adjusted and the contact file can be uploaded with the updated information.

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@Caitlin_M it's not clear why this isn't implemented.

WHAT exactly about the Segment list page makes it so we can't edit Contact details??

It doesn't make sense that we can "Add/Remove to List", or "Unsubscribe/Delete" but not otherwise edit contacts in the Segment list.  It makes even LESS sense that we can do so from the Lists, Tags, and (all)Contacts page... but not the Segment list page.



Please clarify why this is is the way it is, and why it has been for so long now.


Screenshot 2024-02-10 at 6.33.50 PM.png

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