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While the new preview and text window looks very nice, it makes it really hard to edit the email's code in advanced editor because it pops in the same window. It would make it much easier to edit the email, if the preview window popped up as a separate window so that you could see the preview and the code at the same time.

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I contacted support today for the exact same thing and they told me to come here to vent because they don't care.


Time to revisit Mailchimp.

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Hey @VictorV3, thanks for sharing this feedback! I understand you used the preview window as a side window while editing your code and wanted to see if it might be better for us to develop a side by side view where you could view live updates to a preview while editing your code. It'd be super similar to the way Dreamweaver has a split view with rendered HTML and raw code. If this is something that'd work better, I have some good news - it's coming soon! We're reworking our custom code editor and as soon as it's available, I'll make sure to update this thread. 


Hey @VictorV3 thanks so much for sharing this feedback! We have actually been hard at work giving our Custom Editor a complete overhaul and are about ready to begin releasing! It's got a side by side view, much like DreamWeaver where you'll be able to see a live version of your campaign right beside your code. I think this will accomplish exactly what you're wanting and make it a lot more efficient. I'll make sure to post an update once it's available as I think this new update is really going to make things a lot more enjoyable with the custom editor. 



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With our new custom code editor, you can view live updates to your email using the split preview window. We will now be closing this idea. 



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