Viewing Mobile Version vs Desktop Version in Preview

These days it seems that our percentage of mobile opens is increasing. The only trouble with this is that if we design for mobile, the email looks terrible on desktop and vice versa. I have two suggestions for Constant Contact to aid people in marketing via mobile and desktop to users.


1. Add a 'Mobile View' to the preview window where you can view HTML, Text Version, and Without Images version for ease of use. This eliminates sending several emails to yourself to check on your mobile device. I think people should still check their mobile devices, but having a preview would at least let people know if they are on the right track without wasting hours tweaking templates and re-emailing them. (Facebook does it)


2. Add the ability to view the actual list of contacts that open your email on mobile or desktop. Because the templates for desktop and mobile are so different (ie. 14pt font vs 24pt font and single column images) it would be nice to have the ability to create two versions of the email 1 For mobile and 1 for Desktop. I understand this creates more work for the average user, however, the campaigns would be more effective as they will be showing up correctly for the device they are meant for.


Mobile responsive or not. If you use a 24pt font in an email it looks great on Mobile and completely horrendous on Desktop. The whole point of mobile responsive templates is it to work well on both devices. Until Constant Contact can up their game on the mobile template side of things, it would be nice to at least have the option of splitting your list for mobile vs desktop users to ensure the most efficiency and response on a campaign. 


I totally agree. The automatically formatted mobile versions are terrible, and especially muck with the images.  Even if there was just a way to resize/relocate images or edit the text size, that would be a great improvement.  I also worry about how the automatically formatted mobile version appears on a tablet screen, since my nice little logo gets resized to take over the width of the screen I can imagine that it is a little alarming (and pixelated) to open that on a tablet.  Having more preview options would be great, but having a less frustrating way to make the email look appealing would be better.   


I agree! It would be so nice to be able to create 2 different versions of the same email blast: one for mobile viewing and one for desktop viewing.

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