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Viewing options 20 or 40

Please make a simple change to the way the campaigns are presented.

when looking for a campaign I scroll down the list and Ohhh only 20 are listed.  No problem I can click the option to view 40.  I click that option and voila ... a list of 40 appear BUT  ^%$# you moved the cursor back to the top of the list so now I have to scroll down through 20 items I've already scrolled through to start seeing the next 20.

SO ideas.... put the view 20/40 button at the top of the page so I do not have to waste my time finding it at the bottom OR  when I select view 40 and you refresh the page with 40 campaigns listed place the page view at the 20th campaign.  Its frustrating enough that I have to search through the campaigns so please make it easier to find older campaigns fo those of us who make multiple campaigns each week.


This might not be necessary if

a) the search function worked properly

b) the "Last Modified" button worked.  I've complained about this for at least 2 years and the answer is always the same - the team is aware of that and is working on it.   

Status changed to: Voting Open
Status changed to: Not Currently Planned

Hello. With the changes being made to our Feedback flow, we are changing this status to Not Currently Planned due to the prioritization of other ideas. Regarding the search and Last Modified features, if you are still experiencing issues, please post on our Get Help board so we can assist better there.

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