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Good Morning, CONSTANT CONTACT used to have a report that visually showed where users where clicking on a email.  It was an amazing tool to help show what images were effective, what placement was effective, as well as how effective buttons are versus images or illustrations.  This feature is no longer part of reporting.  I have changed major part of how we design our emails based on this reporting, now I am back to driving blind.  The Click report and just showing what URL's are being clicked on IS NOT HELPFUL to a designer at all. I need to SEE where they are clicking. We often use the same URL for multiple images and placement is driven by what I know from the past experience.  This is a serious downgrade to Constant Contact and needs to be addressed immediately.  

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Hey @ChristinaS842, We do actually have this feature available for campaigns sent within the Third Generation Editor. This would include all new campaigns created from a template. I took a look into your account and see that the last email you created was in our older editor. Due to limitations on that editor, we weren't able to add this feature into it. Going forward, I would suggest using our newer templates for your campaigns so you'll be able to utilize this report. On a side note, you can differentiate which editor your campaign is using by the labels underneath the campaign name. "Legacy Newsletter Email" is our older editor that does not have this feature and "Newsletter Email" is our Third Generation Editor which does have this feature. 


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