Waiting List Option & Closed Registration Message

Could you please create a waiting list option for events with an area to include a custom message saying that "this session/event is currently full. Please click here if you would like to receive notice of changes in availability openings or additionally scheduled sessions/similar events. It would be good to know who is wanting to register after an event is closed. Perhaps that information can be generated by looking at who is clicking on the registration links from the event announcement. Thank you!
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I run yoga retreats and there are different fees based on the room selection and limited rooms in each category. It would help to be able to have, say, 10 singles, 10 doubles and 10 in the bunk room, each priced differently. And then each fee category would close automatically when full. It would also be great to then have a wait list that automatically kicks in when the retreat is full.
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Is it/will it be possible for registrants to update their own status in the future? Right now, people email us to update and I do it manually, but it would be great to have that be something they could manage without us.
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Need Waitlist functionality
It would help if there were an automatic waiting list option that could be added. Either an automatic format that informed the registrant of the waiting list status, or a link on the "this registration is full" which would email the event organizer of the registrants wish to be on an email list. Thanks!
In future enhancements of Constant Contact, please consider adding the capability to create a wait list. In only my second time to use EventSpot, I desperately need this! My event is almost full, with a month to go before the class is held. A waitlist would give me the capability to capture the contact information of those who tried to register after the event filled, enabling me to fill last minute cancellations and/or determine if the event should be offered a second time. Thank you for considering this enhancement.
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It would be useful to show how many seats are available for my event as folks register. Also when event is filled and registration closes I would like to edit that message to tell folks to sign up quicker next week. Thanks.
I wish there was an option to put people on a waiting list. It would be nice to have the number limit, but as people register I could move them to a waiting list and they would be marked as such. Then after the end date, if I still had space I could add some from the waiting list into the extra slots. This would help me to keep my vendors relevant, but also allow less relevant ones to participate if there ends up being room.
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I saw old posts on getting a waiting list feature for events. Any update on this?




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I REALLY need the ability to send a customized message when registration is full. For example, I offer existing members guaranteed space until a certain date If a non-member tries to register during that time and sees that registration is "full", they might not come back after the reserve date passes to try again. Also, even once we're full, we do accept wait list applicants, because someone always cancels. But there's no way to communicate this with the current system.


We use EventSpot to collect registrations for training classes. We have a hard limit on the number of attendees. However, it is not uncommon for someone to cancel. I with there was a wait list feature that kicked in automatically when the event limit is reached. Currently we manage this process entirely offline, which requires individuals to send a separate email to the person coordinating that training class, and then either manually register them or ask them to register later. If the registration button could change to a "Join Waiting List" button, then it would allow us to collect registration information from the people on the waitlist, and simply change their status to registered when space becomes available. 

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