Waiting List Option & Closed Registration Message

Could you please create a waiting list option for events with an area to include a custom message saying that "this session/event is currently full. Please click here if you would like to receive notice of changes in availability openings or additionally scheduled sessions/similar events. It would be good to know who is wanting to register after an event is closed. Perhaps that information can be generated by looking at who is clicking on the registration links from the event announcement. Thank you!
waiting list please
It would be really helpful for our event organizing if there was a waitlist feature on EventSpot
We maxed out on available space quickly, but realized that at some point people may cancel and we would like to have a waiting list. Is this possible?
Occasional Participant
PLEASE develop this sooner than later. We currently have zero way of tracking how many contacts "would have" signed up for events that were at capacity, nor do we have a way of finding out who was next in line when we have cancellations to fill. This issue alone is enough to make me research your competitors (sorry)...
Frequent Participant

Hi.  We'd like to be able to add text and a link to the page that displays in place of the registration page when an event is full.  I know that can'r be done now, and would like it added to the enhancement list.  Thank you.

Occasional Participant
Need a mechanism for wait list management

Couldn't agree more.  Why is this not completed yet? Very big demand over a good amount of time...


Regular Participant

I would like to the Event Management System be able to establish a Waiting List in the order that respondents reply when the event max is reached or the event is closed. This list could be accessed to find replacements when someone cancels or if the venue is expanded because of an overwhelming response. Without knowing how many have tried to register and couldn't it is hard to know how successful the event actually was.

This would be very helpful. 

Occasional Participant

This is long overdue. Really wish the developers would move on this rather than the cosmetic facelift the site has just been given. The inability to create a wait list is one of the reasons we will be switching providers as soon as we are able. There are several established competitor event management systems that do have a wait list function. 

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