Waiting List Option & Closed Registration Message

Could you please create a waiting list option for events with an area to include a custom message saying that "this session/event is currently full. Please click here if you would like to receive notice of changes in availability openings or additionally scheduled sessions/similar events. It would be good to know who is wanting to register after an event is closed. Perhaps that information can be generated by looking at who is clicking on the registration links from the event announcement. Thank you!
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This would be very helpful! 

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In the Event Set-up, if I want to offer my newsletter, the only choice I'm given is an Opt-Out. For many circumstances, this is too aggressive a marketing tactic. Please give me the choice to decide Opt-In or Opt-out for each event. Thanks!

It would be helpful for users to be able to edit the "event capacity default message" to add a name and phone number of a person to contact for participnts to be added to a waiting list for the event.

I suggest having an option for the event coordinator(myself) to be able to enter an attendees name and hold a seat. This could be linked to an email with an 'expiration hold date' and also represented by a different color in the registration circle. The hold should require name, email, phone and place for notes about the situation, for instance "waiting funding"
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Once an event is full and automatically closes, it would be nice to have an option to default to send people to a wait list.
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While our online registration is closed, participants can still register for our event in-store or by phone before the event. Unfortunately the phrasing "Registration is closed" seems like all registration is complete, even though that's not the case. I have not been able to find a way to edit this text; would be great to have an ability to change this.
An added feature to this section would be a field to add an email address that when an event limit is reached, a email is automatically sent to let a specific person know the new status.
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Hello, A feature that would be great concerning the Event Registration process would be to allow users to define a URL to use when an event registrant successfully registers for an event, or tries to register for an event that is full. If users of Constant Contact could ensure that their constituents return to a web space they control we would be better able to allow our constituents to remain on our site rather than register for an event and end on a Constant Contact page which seems like a dead end, rather than the beginning or continuation of a relationship to our institution. Thanks for you consideration. -John Turner
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Hello @JohnT0269,


This is very great feedback, thank you for bringing this up!

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