Waiting List Option & Closed Registration Message

Could you please create a waiting list option for events with an area to include a custom message saying that "this session/event is currently full. Please click here if you would like to receive notice of changes in availability openings or additionally scheduled sessions/similar events. It would be good to know who is wanting to register after an event is closed. Perhaps that information can be generated by looking at who is clicking on the registration links from the event announcement. Thank you!

Many other event registration sites offer this simple feature. Uncanny that an email marketing company doesn't offer a waitlist email registration feature! Please get this or else our client will have to find another provider.


Was searching for a way to change the event closed email.  Would like to add either a wait list or a message to contact me to register after the closed date as there still may be  space availability.  .   I close it a few days before my event to prepare name tags and paperwork.   


Reading through these comments, it appears that this has been a nagging issue for 7 years now that customers have been requesting. 

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Any reply from Constant Contact regarding waitlists?  Seems like such an obvious need, as confirmed in this thread.  This is a current need.  Please contact me if a solution has been designed and I am just in the wrong place to learn of it.



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Still open?


Hi @MargaretG412 this feature request is still open! We are continuing to collect feedback and tracking requests through this thread. There are multiple factors that can cause us to not have a time estimate of when a feature will be updated, our Product teams has decided to focus on a complete redesign of this event product and is allocating resources to it. We will reach out to this thread with any further updates on this feature request.


Hello!  Just adding my vote for a waitlist feature to this thread.  We manage our event registration through Constant Contact and would love the option to be able to manage a waitlist so that when cancellations occur we can give the next available spot to someone on the waitlist.  Thanks!


I wonder, what is the status of this "open" enhancement request for a waitlist on event registration? 


Frankie_P there seems to be lots of interest, will CC be looking at this request? 


Hi @TinaP709


Great question! This is a request we're aware of. We had plans for overhauling the event product which have had some priorities shift. This is still on our radar, but we are working to get some event enhancements reprioritized.

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Hello!  Also adding my vote for a waitlist feature.  We have had to use another platform recently for our events because this feature doesn't exist yet, ideally, we would only be using CC, is there an update on when this might go live? Thanks

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