Want SMS option

I would like to communicate specials via text to cell

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Thank you for the flagging this to me @JohnW0157 ! I had thought we had someone update this post already and must have missed it.


The SMS Marketing feature is out now to 100% of eligible accounts! This feature will only be available to customers within the US at this time because a valid Employee ID Number (EIN) is required in order to register the phone number.


@Audrey4SOS - SMS plans start at $10/month. More information about how to sign up and answers to how billing works can be found here. If you'd like an overview of the SMS feature and how it works, I'd recommend this article


Since this feature is implemented, we will be locking this thread per our standard process. If you have any questions about the SMS feature or how it works, feel free to start a new post or message me directly through my profile. 

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In addition to creating email reminders for an event, having the ability to allow an opt-in for a text message reminder would be a useful feature.  Any possibility this is being considered?


This is a great idea, thanks for posting! I can't speak for a timeframe but the ideas shared here help detemine future updates so keep posting! 

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Text reminders are a GREAT idea, let's start there ....


I'd also like to see the option added for emails & surveys too!


For example ...

If a registrant would like to add text notifications to their profile, upon signing up, Constant Contact would then include a text message to those recipients either instead of or in addition to an email being sent to them.


These text messages should contain links to things like an event landing page, a survey, the events calendar, or even a "sent" email.  This text message could go to all event registrants or any "list" of people for that matter.


All of this would make Constant Contact an even more useful tool for all users.


Thanks for listening!


I would like to send a group text to notify students when a class has been cancelled, do you have a feature like that?

Unfortunately we do not offer a feature like this at this time but thanks for posting this feedback!


Interested in adding text to contact list for instant messages.


Hi NyerereD 

We offer a text to join feature which allows people to join your list via text message. Click Contacts > SignUp Tools and then Text To Join to set this up. 

Status changed to: Voting Open

It would REALLY be nice if you would add SMS/text option as reminders for Events. This would help increase attendance for some events!

I would like to see CC create a option for a SMS alert along with email campaign.
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