Want SMS option

I would like to communicate specials via text to cell

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Thank you for the flagging this to me @JohnW0157 ! I had thought we had someone update this post already and must have missed it.


The SMS Marketing feature is out now to 100% of eligible accounts! This feature will only be available to customers within the US at this time because a valid Employee ID Number (EIN) is required in order to register the phone number.


@Audrey4SOS - SMS plans start at $10/month. More information about how to sign up and answers to how billing works can be found here. If you'd like an overview of the SMS feature and how it works, I'd recommend this article


Since this feature is implemented, we will be locking this thread per our standard process. If you have any questions about the SMS feature or how it works, feel free to start a new post or message me directly through my profile. 

Our business would like to send new product alerts, service updates, and promotional offers through text messaging. If constant contact can add this service that would be great!

Long Beach Public Library would like to request development of a text messaging feature. Please contact Jill Thank you.

We are a small business and have utilized the email marketing in the past and will continue to do so. We are growing and would like to add the option of sending a text/SMS message to our clients about different alerts and information. Please add an option within your own system.
You guys really need to look at SMS messaging (text). I would like to add a group of phone numbers and send them a SMS text.
I phoned today to inquire about mobile texting through constant contact and was told not set up as of yet. We would like to start using by early September 2016. I love working with constant contact but will be forced to use a different email provider.

YES!  We need SMS capability, including maintaining phone #'s for SMS in Contacts.  20% of my Contacts prefer texting over email.


Hannah, is the Text-to-Join feature only for joining the email list? Not for receiving our campaigns by sms text, correct?


I would like to have a response button to text back to us.  It adds another response option to our emails.  Especially helpful for emails opened on mobile device.


All we would need is an SMS contact list. Then we can send a text link to the campaign page on our website or on CC's website. We don't have to send the whole campaign out via text. Just the ability to SMS 1-2 lines of text to a large group of customers would work great!


I spoke with a representative today that explained that you do not provide text marketing, but put me on a list to the developers that I have requested this type of service. But, after reading that this has been requested since 2014, I am curious what direction the developers are going in. I can use a third party integration with Constant Contact, but that would just eliminate Constant Contact since my customer lists are constantly updated and stored in QuickBooks and not Constant Contact. We would happily pay the additional premium to use this service withing Constant Contact rather than use a third party as we love using Constant Contact for the ease of use.

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