Want SMS option

I would like to communicate specials via text to cell

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Thank you for the flagging this to me @JohnW0157 ! I had thought we had someone update this post already and must have missed it.


The SMS Marketing feature is out now to 100% of eligible accounts! This feature will only be available to customers within the US at this time because a valid Employee ID Number (EIN) is required in order to register the phone number.


@Audrey4SOS - SMS plans start at $10/month. More information about how to sign up and answers to how billing works can be found here. If you'd like an overview of the SMS feature and how it works, I'd recommend this article


Since this feature is implemented, we will be locking this thread per our standard process. If you have any questions about the SMS feature or how it works, feel free to start a new post or message me directly through my profile. 

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I have so many of our members that want me to send text messages rather than email.
Any way of doing this now, or plans for the future.
Your contact link isn't working in the header. Our new pastor is looking for a text/email app. Can your program text? He says young people text - they don't email. Thanks for your help

I agree that SMS is a spectacular idea and very necessary in the phone age. Too many people don't even use email any more. We still get a big response to our emails, but not as big as it used to be even when we had a much smaller number of contacts. We boost the response by posting ads in social media with the newsletter, which does help a lot. But SMS would give us a HUGE boost and carry us well into the future! SMS please! 

This is a great idea. As it is, I have a great "phone tree" type service that includes this already for free and I can add a link back...it is an extra step but it works.


I want to be able to text up to 1,000 people at once.  Looks like you don't have this option.  Oh well.

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Please add features similar to Demco Signup: How would you like to be reminded? "email" "text" "never" & How many days before the event? "1" "2" "3" & option for automatic waitlist
Status changed to: Open Questions

Hello @JeffZ ,

Thanks for reaching out to us with this feedback! Were you creating an event campaign or were you using the RSVP block in your email when you were looking for a similar feature? 

Are you looking for the ability to send out text message reminders, or would this be for you to reach out separately?

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This is part of the event campaign. We currently manually create email reminders to registrants and I send them out two days before the event. Researching Demco Software: Signup offers an option for automatic wait-lists and allows the user to decided how they are reminded of an event (text or email). 


I am looking for the ability to send out a text message reminder to those who registered for an event. The manual email reminders only see about a 50% open rate and I see a 30%+ drop off rate at the event. 

I would like to have the ability to create text campaigns with CC. Make that happen - will ya'? Thanks, Cynthia

Hello @ConsumerDirectCareNetwork,

What are you looking to do exactly with text campaigns? Are you looking to send out a text version of your campaign out? Do you want to text users a blurb with a link to your campaign? Are you looking for a different functionality all together?  

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