Want SMS option

I would like to communicate specials via text to cell

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Thank you for the flagging this to me @JohnW0157 ! I had thought we had someone update this post already and must have missed it.


The SMS Marketing feature is out now to 100% of eligible accounts! This feature will only be available to customers within the US at this time because a valid Employee ID Number (EIN) is required in order to register the phone number.


@Audrey4SOS - SMS plans start at $10/month. More information about how to sign up and answers to how billing works can be found here. If you'd like an overview of the SMS feature and how it works, I'd recommend this article


Since this feature is implemented, we will be locking this thread per our standard process. If you have any questions about the SMS feature or how it works, feel free to start a new post or message me directly through my profile. 


A short blurb with a link to the campaign would be perfect for me. 


It would be great to have the ability to text clients.


Many members of our church do not have email addresses. We need to send information to them via text. Will this option ever be available?


This would be great as long as Constant Contact doesn't start adding that on as another paid item. I think we should be able to run a/b tests and not be charged as well as social media plans etc. The costs keep going up and up.

So... How far is Constant Contact away from being able to TEXT instead of email? The demographic that supports our non-profit is GenZ they really hate emails. Just wondering... If I could TEXT from constant contact that would be the coup d'etat!

We use both CC and One Call Now. Would love to be able to do away with one and just use the other. I know people like CC better but it doesn't offer SMS or other similar OCN features. The ability to send both email and texts, to have recipients be able to opt out of one or both would be great too. To be able to track who opened etc would also be helpful. Basically, heh, have the development team go to One Call Now, see what they offer and adopt those aspects CC doesn't Highly recommend this and imagine it would attract a whole new fan base.


I am had an opportunity 2 years ago to use TEXT marketing, that along with your current platform would be off the charts!


Hi everyone! While we continue looking into adding a SMS tool directly in our system, we're happy to announce users can now connect their accounts with EZ TextingWe recognize it is not a solution to this feature request, it is something we suggest in the meantime.

I would love to see a Text feature within Constant contact to be able to send the same information I would be sending via email to the clients who are better served via text. Having to use a 3rd party like EZ texting just equals double work... not super efficient. Especially when you have to pay here and there.
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Being able to send the email campaign with Image and info as a text msg, VERY POWERFULL! You can place this feature were we schedule the email to go out or scheduled for later. Within our contact information there's a place for the phone number. Why not use it? If they don't open there email on time. They will still get it by text. There's no way we mis, MARK BOARD BULLS EYE!. That's what the new CC logo looks like. (BULLS EYE) If we cant get them one way, we get them the other.  With this feature alone we would get way ahead of "THE MONKEY GUYS" THIS IS A VERY POWERFULL TOOL.


PS. I've been with CC for quite some time now, Im holding my breath!


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