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I tried to copy and paste a different type of bullet (sideways arrowhead) into the eblast and it was not allowing it..I finally called the Constant Contact Team and they confirmed that at this time in Constant Contact, there is really only once choice of bullets (Round) that we can use...is it possible that in the very near future...we can see different types of bullet points that we can use...this would really be a good feature to have...hopefully your competitor wont think of this feature to add...before you do!! Many thanks. A.A.

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After being in business this long I would have expected CC to have addressed this issue by now. Right now one of your support techs are working on my email to properly add bullet points. That person is struggling too. Time to light the fire and get going on fixing or replacing this editing tool. I've been with CC for 4+ years and I keep thinking that they know this is their weak link but nothing seems to improve.


Thank you for sharing your feedback about editing.


It totally sucks. Please fix it. It keeps auto-formatting and putting div/span tags unnecessarily. If it keeps doing this we'll switch to another platform or start sending plain text emails!!!

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It'd be great to have em-dashes and en-dashes available for use in emails. Also, the ability to align bullets would be great.
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Build tools for the Campaigns are limited. Cannot create boxes, make the bullets a different color. Was hoping that we'd be able to create a Campaign, similar to the tools we have on Microsoft Word, which is how all of our templates are created.

changing the bullet color would be a start...


Hi @Ariana_L, for us, we'd like to be able to use arbitrary (small) text or images  as bullet points, change the color, etc..  Specifically, we were hoping to add colored checkmarks as bullet points.

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yes, we wanted to add checkmarks for bullets too. 

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I just tried adding this code to create the checkmarks and it worked fine:


HTML code:

<p>&#10004; milk<br>&#10004; butter<br>&#10004; bread<p>


✔ milk
✔ butter
✔ bread


 Of course you have to use/copy the legacy emails for this to work, cause the new 3rd gen editor doesn't allow you to edit the HTML - which I really DO NOT like. 

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