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Hello, After sending out my email to Outlook users, we noticed that when they go to view the email in the browser, the newsletter is distorted (both pictures and text). I know that there used to be an option to include a Constant Contact html in the subject line so that when they get redirected the host page is through you and therefore not distorted. It would be extremely helpful to get this feature added back on. Thank you.

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Hi everyone! It is now possible to add a "View As Webpage" version to your third-generation email campaigns. Click here to learn more!

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I created my email with font pitch 13 but when it came to my Outlook in box, the font was so tiny it was very hard to read. Is there anyway to get the old header that says: Having trouble viewing this email? Click here ... so it goes to a web browser which clears up problems with email applications that alter the original in some funky ways. I am using the mobile app to develop my communication.
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There's no way to add a "View as a webpage" link to the email. Please vote for this idea if you agree!

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I would like to have this feature added as well. This should be available to everyone. Plus I use this link to share out to others for review. It allows me to send the link to more than the 5 people you allow for the Preview. Also, I can make updates and the people with the link can see the most updated version. - this is a work around until you have an update to the preview/ review email process. 

I generally post my newsletters on a website after sending them out. I decided to use this new smart-phone format and have gotten a positive response...but the webviewer and archive options no longer exist...making it more difficult to post on my website.
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This is commonplace in most commercial emails and needs to be included at the top of every email for a better user experience. Example: "To see the web version, Click Here" "Click Here To View Online" "Having trouble viewing this email? Click here"
Could you please add an option to create a webpage-version link in mobile friendly-emails? Ideally it shouldn't be necessary, but on my own, new, android phone using the gmail app my own emails don't always show correctly. I used to include the webpage links on my old template but I can't figure out how to do so using the new mobile friendly ones. Thanks, Joy
With previous emails/templates we were able to include a link at the top of the email allowing people to view the email in their browser in case their email program distorts the formatting. With this template/editor that option is not available. It would be very helpful for that to be an option, especially since this email is supposed to be mobile friendly, and having that option is especially important on mobile. We are now thinking about having to entirely re-create this email using a different template/editor in order to get that function back.
Hello - loving my new mobile template for my Wooden Angel emails but the option to "click here" if having trouble viewing is gone. I have a few people who cannot view the emails and use that feature regularly. I looked everywhere for it, am I missing it? Can you bring it back fo rmobile?
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Thanks for the feedback @MauraD1, your new Wooden Angel email looks fantastic! We don't currently have the ability to "view in webpage". Vote for this topic if you agree!

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Hello. It appears that there is no longer an option to display an email as a web page. Why the change?
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