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Hello, After sending out my email to Outlook users, we noticed that when they go to view the email in the browser, the newsletter is distorted (both pictures and text). I know that there used to be an option to include a Constant Contact html in the subject line so that when they get redirected the host page is through you and therefore not distorted. It would be extremely helpful to get this feature added back on. Thank you.

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Hi everyone! It is now possible to add a "View As Webpage" version to your third-generation email campaigns. Click here to learn more!


I seriously can't believe that you don't have a View in Browser link at CC. Bummer. I'll have to switch products. Most email vendors support this!!!! 


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Why isn't CC replying to these questions?  The new editor has lost so many important features and CC tech support is now just M-F.  Are they trying to go out of business?

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Constant Contact helped me create a mobile friendly template, which has worked pretty well for us with one exception. I can no longer use the header link for a webpage version of my emails. If I try to then the campaigns don't appear in mobile view on phones. I have been requesting a fix for this for over a year, and have been told it is not a priority. Is this a problem for anyone else??


CC, please bring back the ability to view a webpage version of the email! This is a glaring missing fetaure on CC!

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The lack of the "Having trouble viewing this email? Click here" function is about to drive my business to a new service provider. Losing functionality is not the way to retain longtime clients. 

The option for recipients to view the email in their web browser needs to be added back to the new editor. The option to to check Google Analytics needs to be added back to the schedule email page.

i am not happy about the fact that this "view in browser" link is no longer available. Karen DiPeri 


Please add the "webpage view/ having trouble viewing this email" option back. This is a very useful tool that should be added back to Constant Contact. Thanks!


Long time user, switching over to the new 3GE and for the life of me can't believe you are not listening to your customer's request for the "view as webpage" function.  I CAN NOT USE Constant Contact without this function, but I need smart phone viewing capabilities.  I see that this issue has been commented and requested for a YEAR now!!!  My disappointment in CC will take me elsewhere.

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