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Hello, After sending out my email to Outlook users, we noticed that when they go to view the email in the browser, the newsletter is distorted (both pictures and text). I know that there used to be an option to include a Constant Contact html in the subject line so that when they get redirected the host page is through you and therefore not distorted. It would be extremely helpful to get this feature added back on. Thank you.

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Hi everyone! It is now possible to add a "View As Webpage" version to your third-generation email campaigns. Click here to learn more!


There used to be an option to share an email on social media, as well as the ability to "see this message online." But both are missing from the new mobile-friendly templates and 3rd generation editor. These are critical tools in reaching a wider audience online. Please make this a priority and bring them back.


Can we get a "view in browser" link automatically attached to all emails? Our sales reps like to use those links for their own purposes - always having to send them the link when they ask for it is a hassle. 

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I agree!!! Many useful functions I used all the time have disappeared. Frustrating and disappointing. Worst "upgrades" in 7+ years as a regular Constant Contact user.


Clients and sales reps find it helpful when there is a "view in web browser" or "view online version" hyperlink with every email. We keep receiving questions asking why there is none in our emails. 


Please include this


Please add this option. thanks 


Hello @SeanJ707


Thank you for reaching out. I have moved your post to our feedback thread so that it will be seen by our developers, and other members of the community can vote on this request. As a workaround, I would recommend scheduling the email to yourself first so that it does into the "Sent" status. Once it is in "Sent" status, it then generates a link. This way, you can copy the link and add it into your email for your customers to view! Take a look at the images below:


Link Icon.png


link copy.png




There is a way to share your emails with a link! If you send the campaign and then click on reporting > find your campaign > then select email link. You are then able to share as you wish! 


Is this really still not available? I've seen threads discussing this from 2015. This seems like a very reasonable request (low level of effort for a great return) that shouldn't take 2 years to implement. Also, is there a way to get all of the votes for this topic combined into one thread? As mentioned, there are plenty of people from long ago that have wanted this feature implemented.


I do not want a "workaround". I want the View as a Webpage feature back. The archives feature and the View as a Webpage were two things that you did right. Why are you actively trying to make my job harder?? I don't understand why you don't seek the input of the people like me who have been loyally using the product SINCE 2005 BEFORE you make changes. It's tiresome, frustrating and quite honesty, arrogantly ignorant.

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