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Hello, After sending out my email to Outlook users, we noticed that when they go to view the email in the browser, the newsletter is distorted (both pictures and text). I know that there used to be an option to include a Constant Contact html in the subject line so that when they get redirected the host page is through you and therefore not distorted. It would be extremely helpful to get this feature added back on. Thank you.

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Hi everyone! It is now possible to add a "View As Webpage" version to your third-generation email campaigns. Click here to learn more!

I really hope that the developers are working on an option to "view in browser" for the responsive build menu. It is very valuable to us.
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where did it go? why was it removed? I want it back, or some easy way to get to web version of e-mail
We need to have this option back. A manual workaround is a little crazy. It is truly problematic for a member benefit organization to have members who cannot view our emails. if CC does not bring this feature back quickly we will find that we need to move to competitor's platform in order to provide messaging that our members can view easily.
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I'd also like to see this feature restored. I have subscribers who are happy to share the URL for the web version via Twitter or Facebook but would never forward the email to even one person.


How do we, Constant Contact's customers, benefit from the removal of the web-version URL from the emails?


How is this feature not restored yet?


So many CC users have complained about the fact that there is currently no "view in browser" link. In addition, all of the sales reps in our company have complained about it. Working around this manually is too much, we need the simpler [and common] option!


I don't know how many times I have made this suggestion. I have seen many others make or support this suggestion on other CC feedback forums.


Our company's sales reps keep asking the Marketing Dept to suggest this idea to CC over and over again, please implement it... 


Hi Everyone,


Our teams are currently working on bringing this feature to you. We expect it will be implemented by the end of the year. We will post more information here as the release date approaches.


Thank you all for your patience!


 I would also like to have this feature in the new editor.


Please add the View as a web page link to the emails! The new editor doesn't allow option to add that link and many of my contacts like to have that option when getting my newsletters to save the permanent URL. Thanks!

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