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I always use your weekend support service as I have no time to do so over the week. Today Stephan helped me with a problem caused by your new format which takes up to much of my AOL screen. In talking with him he told me you are closing down Sat. and Sun. support services. I urge you not not do this. I cannot believe there are not other people like me who need weekend support. Why not have more limited hours but keep Sat. and Sun. service? Please. The weekend support people are always great. Thank you. 


Thanks for posting, I am glad this service has been helpful for you! We will still have the Community area and knowledgeable available on the weekends to help you find the answer you are looking for. 

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I desperately need weekend support.  Your other options are a waste of my time when I'm having a technical problem.  Your chat, etc. has no help for this and is very time-consuming.


I've spent over 2 hours just trying to "unbold a sentence" or "change the font color" or delete (forced <Returns>, by your program).  Please implement at least a few hours of Sat & Sun phone support.


I've brought you 3 new clients, and I do their emails, but now, they're asking why their emails haven't been sent out!!?!  They usually send me the info on the weekend.


I am glad that this account is with the OLD Email Marketing Program.  It's better than the new platform, which is horrible!


I just tried to call for support. You are now closed on the weekends. Another reason to find another service for my email marketing. Your customer support is why I was willing to pay higher prices. Now I will look elsewhere! Big mistake.


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I CANNOT BELIEVE there is no technical support on the weekends!  Right now, not a single one of my links to events will work!!!  It just keeps timing out.  This is BULL____!   This is one fine way to treat your customers - and a real good way to loose them!  Most of MY customers register for my events over the weekend, but not they can't even get in to do it.

There is a lot about Constant Contact that I don't like because it is just not as "capable" as it should be, but I've put up with that.  I'm not sure I can put up with THIS anymore!

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I'm with the other writers here. And I've been a CC business partner for 10 years. I can see the handwriting on the wall. This is the beginning of the end of Constant Contact. Very very sad. If you don't do anything else, put back at least some weekend support. This is a sad, sad day indeed. 


The new web design has left me lost. I click on the CC home page trying to find general info and I get specific account info. I tried to call your CS staff but no one avlb on the weekend when I actually have time to work on my emails and expand my business. I can understand cutting back your hours on the weekend, but completely eliminating CS support is not appreciated. If nothing else, you should still provide Chat/Online support!


I am really disappointed to learn that weekend support has gone away.  I use several CC licenses to support non-profits and do most of my volunteer work on the weekends.  Does this mean that we should be switching to another contact management system?

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We are a busy weekend business and sorry to see that constant contact no longer offers help on Weekends !!
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