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I always use your weekend support service as I have no time to do so over the week. Today Stephan helped me with a problem caused by your new format which takes up to much of my AOL screen. In talking with him he told me you are closing down Sat. and Sun. support services. I urge you not not do this. I cannot believe there are not other people like me who need weekend support. Why not have more limited hours but keep Sat. and Sun. service? Please. The weekend support people are always great. Thank you. 

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Amen.  Then, on Monday, the responses take until noon (in my case).

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I can not believe there is no weekend support?  I will be looking for a new provider that provides customer support.  Poor choice in reducing support.

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First, I just read a post that says you are closing Sat & Sun support services - this is BIG MISTAKE. One of the reasons I use Constant Contact (for years), and tell everyone about your great support, is your 24/7 availability. PLEASE don't lose it! KEEP WEEKEND SUPPORT!


Next, as much as I love Constant Contact, these 3 fixes would make it even better:

  1. There is no way to control leading (the vertical space between text lines) in the editor. Can't you pick up the same icon/tool that word uses, so we can select leading equivalent to 1 line, 1.15, 1.5, 2? 
  2. There is no way to search in the Document Library, and there appears to be no rhyme or reason to how uploaded Documents are stored. If you can't add a search, at least have new docs upload in alphabetical order. Having to wade through years of pages to find new and old docs is a frustrating waste of time.
  3. There is also no rhyme or reason to the Social Media posting image library. Images I upload don't stay there, it finds images from various docs and suggests them, and it's impossible to delete your stock images to create room for ones I actually use. This should be this hard.

Thanks for considering these fixes. Hope you can make them soon!

There is no one to answer calls on weekends. This should be changed.
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Great 24/7 customer support (IE: with actual humans is THE reason I have been so loyal to Constant Contact.  Why not just reduce staff and have longer wait/hold times on the weekend?  Then at least your clients wouldn't feel abandoned when in a crisis and on a deadline.


So my account was suddenly deactivated while setting up an autorespond series on a Saturday. I'm a 7 day a week retailer and often do my emails on weekends. There is no one to reach out to with help on my account. Extremely disappointed.


I only send three or four newsletters a year, and today Saturday was one of those times. As usual I was having trouble with the editor, and when i called for support there wasnt any! You can look at my oct newsletter and see that the photos are all centered, but when you send a preview copy out they had all shifted to the left. (I used my  account) Very disapointing that your support is no longer functioning on saturdays

I use you because you are accessible when I need you...often on the weekends. I can't find my archive or tweet link and I need to do it TODAY!
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