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I always use your weekend support service as I have no time to do so over the week. Today Stephan helped me with a problem caused by your new format which takes up to much of my AOL screen. In talking with him he told me you are closing down Sat. and Sun. support services. I urge you not not do this. I cannot believe there are not other people like me who need weekend support. Why not have more limited hours but keep Sat. and Sun. service? Please. The weekend support people are always great. Thank you. 

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Many smaller entrepreneurs like me do campaigns over the weekend. Your customer support, which I rarely use, would be SO appreciated over weekends. (Besides, it says "24/7 support" all over the web...) Going to chat groups is NOT the easiest way to get quick questions answered.
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CTCT are you listening?  I want to add my voice to these complaints about the lack of weekend service! Very sad indeed. And the comments have been going on for over a year with no reaction...

At least, it should considered to be open on Saturdays.or have a reduced technical team available to take on glitches and more!

It is serious enough an issue that I am considering terminating my account.

looks like you no longer deserve your name....



Would be helpful to have a point of contact on the phone over the weekend to solve any questions that cannot be solved through your knowledge database.
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We pay a very significant amount for this service. At this time we are paying $70/month; not insignificant for a start up business!! For $850 annually, we believe we should have support available on weekends when we are doing all of our catch up and planning execution. That's when we need help!! If you are not going to cover us, then the price should be MUCH LESS than we are paying. Please consider reinstating your weekend support as it once was, or this doesn't make sense for the price. Thank you
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Thank you for the feedback.  I'm sorry to hear you had trouble connecting with Support over the weekend.  In the future you can check in with Support on the weekends via Twitter and from our Support Community page. 


In the future you can find links to those under Weekend Support here: https://www.constantcontact.com/help/contact-support






Can I email a question? I need help with billing: our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. We used to receive a discount when we paid in advance. Can we still receive this discount? I do not see it on the account.

I am never able to call during your business hours. And supposidly I can't chat either. Your system will not allow me to.



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My campaign was to launch tonight, only for me to be told that for some unknown reason my account had been disabled. As there were no support team members available I have now missed my window for my Far East and Australian customers. Far from pleased. How can you claim to have an international operation when your support team hours would indicate that this is far from the reality of the situation.


It would be great to get  support/assistance either via chat or e-mail on weekend. I have a small business and weekend is theonly time for me to work on newsletters. Yet there is no support service .


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Your customers have continued to ask for support on weekends. I am getting this error message. I can be reached at 910-547-0262. Today is Sunday and I'm working on a newsletter.

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