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I always use your weekend support service as I have no time to do so over the week. Today Stephan helped me with a problem caused by your new format which takes up to much of my AOL screen. In talking with him he told me you are closing down Sat. and Sun. support services. I urge you not not do this. I cannot believe there are not other people like me who need weekend support. Why not have more limited hours but keep Sat. and Sun. service? Please. The weekend support people are always great. Thank you. 

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Here I am on Saturday and I need help. I think many small business owners do work like newsletters and mailings on the weekends - we're too busy running a business to get this stuff done during the week. I am extremely disappointed.

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I'm leaving CC because there is no weekend support.  THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS.  I have been a loyal customer with different accounts for many years.  

this was the one thing I loved about CC...there was always support.  I'm DONE.  I need to send my emails out today (Saturday) and I need to narrow my list by tags.  Of course, it doesn't work.  Ruined my whole promotion.

Thanks for nothing.  I'll spread this to all of my other contacts that use the site.  Waste of money.


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Really?  I am baffled at your position on this.

As a small business owner, I find it hard to believe since you dont even have a staff available on the weekend's to assist with technical issues.  

We paid for services that we are not receiving and although you have someone on standby to accept NEW business, you dont have any one available to help those who have already put their trust in your product.  Very telling. 

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  Totally agree with @SaraS9663 , @CaptIrisC and @MichaelR2633 - Lets go to !!!  First off, the software is much more intutitive and mitigates issues in the first place.  Secondly, they care enough about their customers to have someone available on the weekend - even if its a skeletal crew.   Plus doesnt raise your rate without your knowledge.  And NO I do not work for and know no one who does.  Just a frustrated business owner who wants what they pay for!


The last time I needed assistance on Sunday there was a customer support rep who assured me there is always week-end support.

My Newsletters need to go out on Monday mornings and I need assistance, so dissappointed at the limited hours of customer support.


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Please reinstate weekend tech support.  When I'm preparing a campaign to go out on Monday morning, I often need last minute assistance over the weekend.


I do a lot of this work on weekends and it has been extremely inconvenient for me not to have customer service by phone.  Since the customer service hours have been significantly reduced, I believe the monthly fee for "Constant Contact" should be reduced proportionately. 


Totally agree.  I pay $1500.oo per month.  I am far too busy during the week, thus when it comes to the weekend, I am exporting and backing up contacts and unsubscribed lists, as well as importing new contacts and compiling new campaigns at the weekend.  therefore I need and signed up for CC due to the weekend support. 


it seems that so many options that CC advertise as a plus for their services do not continue for those who have a larger contact base.  you have to take more steps to find the information that you are looking for, you cant display your contacts via; email address in alphabetic order, you can not upload contacts and have the option not to have them updated if they happen to already be on one of your list.


I have also found that if a contact email address has a space at the end of the email address or name, it can save the contact twice.  I have also found that if a contact has for instance; John_Doe@heavens.gate  and   john_doe@heavens.gate  that contact can be listed twice, just because of the upper and lower case letters or a space at the end of a name or email address. 


I am getting a little disaloushioned with the service and the ability to do things that are standard elsewhere.

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