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I always use your weekend support service as I have no time to do so over the week. Today Stephan helped me with a problem caused by your new format which takes up to much of my AOL screen. In talking with him he told me you are closing down Sat. and Sun. support services. I urge you not not do this. I cannot believe there are not other people like me who need weekend support. Why not have more limited hours but keep Sat. and Sun. service? Please. The weekend support people are always great. Thank you. 

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This is a rallying cry from customers that seems to be continually ignored by Constant Contact. They are fully aware of the need and have chosen not to supply support on weekends. This is a huge customer service issue for them. 



how do i move to  3rd gen editor.

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We desperately need weekend help!!! This is not an inexpensive platform and it is also NOT intuitive. Very few people, especially startups that need this type of platform, work 9-5 M-Fri. We need weekend support staff when we are trying to create and publish! Thank you, Sherri

You have got to be kidding that there is no customer service on the weekend!


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I agree. It's pretty unfortunate.

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I agree as well - their Customer Service availability was much better in the past.

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Twice now, I really could have used some live support on Saturday. I work 24/7 it seems and I wish you did too, at least on Saturday.

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Uploading photos take a lot of time. Can I be writing my newsletter in Constant Contact at the same time I'm uploading images? 


On the weekend it seems my only option to get some help is the community that may or may not respond quickly and may or may not have an answer to my question. Please let me email you when I have a concern outside your regular hours so I don't have to wait and hope to remember it later.


My concerns right now:

1) is there a way to edit drafts on my phone that were started on the computer

2) how do I create a social media post or share my newsletter to social media

3) is there a support email address



Christian Rose



PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have customer service hours on the weekends. I, like many of your customers, am a small business person and things like marketing get done after "regular" business hours....not just 9-5 M-F. I appreciate your evening hours very much, but so often newsletter creation happens on weekends. Also, for years I have used the recommended time for my industry to send newsletters. I decided to try a different time, and my open and click rates improved.... Thank you to Brianne for being such a lovely person to work with to resolve technical issues, she's a gem! Thanks...Jane Jones
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