What happened? Suddenly the format is all wonky!

I have a test email that I sent a few days ago, and the formatting was just the way we wanted it. I went in to make a small change before sending it out today, and suddenly there are extra bullets in our bulleted list (where we had used a "shift Enter" to force a hard carriage return WITHOUT the bullet). These templates have been used for months, and suddenly today there are extra bullets that I can't get rid of with the "Shift Enter" command. I have had to just remove all the commanded line returns and will have to rely upon the built in "word wrap" which often wraps awkwardly in the middle of a phrase that we'd prefer to have on the next line. There are also many extra spaces above and below the various blocks of text that just suddenly appeared out of nowhere when I opened the template to edit.

Just experienced the EXACT same issue, and when I spoke to Customer Service they said they didn't have any issues on their end... All my current drafts are incorrectly formatted, and even if I copy an old email, the formatting is completely screwed up. What's going on?! It needs to be fixed ASAP.

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Hi @ECK.Events.Austin and @VickiT14

I am sorry to hear this is happening! We released a new editor just the other day (the backend) and we're working out a couple of issues we've caught. As with any software change we're going to work through a couple of bugs. We did not want this to have such an impact on you so please let me know how I can help remedy the situation.

To give you a little more infomation, this new backend will allow us to provide some of the features you've been asking for. The ability to indent bullets and underline in the toolbar are the ones you'd see today. Things coming in the near future are options like superscript/subscript, line spacing and more columns. 

I've passed along both your examples to the team here to investigate this more. 




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This was resolved, please let us know if you are still having formatting change when you copy an email. 


I have problems with this as well.  I get weird spaces and there is virtually no way to get rid of them except to start from scratch


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I am also having problems with this. The email and preview look fine but when I send a test email, there are a bunch of added spaces.

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