Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!

I'm all for upgrades and improved aesthetics, but not at the cost of needed features and functionality. In the campaign area I used to be able to select which page of campaigns I wanted to see, rather just hitting a button to see more. This allowed me to easily find an email I sent a year ago for a similar promotion. Or at the very least I used to be able to search for a particular campaign by keyword. So today, I needed to see a campaign from 2 years ago to compares details and performance, and I gave up after hitting "see more campaigns" 20 times and only being through 1 year. I looked around and maybe I'm missing these features - but they were helpful
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I noticed with you new roll out of the look of Constant Contact, the thumbnails for what the emails look like are gone. Is there a way to put these back? Was much easier looking through past emails to see which campaign it was from and also what templates I can use to change out the info to create new emails from. 


With the new "list only" format, I can not do this and have a more difficult time choose and navigating through which emails I want to use, etc. 


Thank you for the consideration in putting the thumbnails back. 



1. The sort option does not work...or there is not any indication it does anything. 2. Searching key word in a campaign would be very helpful. 3. There is nowhere to go further back in the campaign list....stuck on the first list :(
Terrible - worse - without adding any new functions. For example, list of e-mails no longer shows the time the e-mail is scheduled for, and the e-mails ARE NOT LISTED IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER any more. This is progress???
I am not a fan of your new format. - REALLY need to view thumbnails of previous emails in the page listing the emails. I usually copy an old email to modify for new email. - Please return the bar to top of email creation page that allows you to choose other areas of the website.
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Please give back the eblast thumbnails. I really need the at-a-glance way to visually sift through old eblasts.
I want to keep using CC but need to send SINGLE Emails on occasion and it is WAY too time consuming to LOOK up and type Each One. Help Please! Connie CHALLENGE #2 - All my email campaigns SAY Newsletter. Making it hard to go back and figure which one I am looking for If I want to use it again. HELP PLEASE
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On the Campaigns page, I'm missing the thumbnail previews that allow me to see at a glance what I might like to reuse. Thanks.

I'm with everybody here.  The lack of thumbnails is very irritating.  I too have based my current emails on past emails.  We are trying to brand our companies by providing similar looks from previous campaigns.  You would scroll through your past emails and select the best via the thumbnail (without having to click on every email). You took this away which has now increased my workload.


So here is a workaround, not the greatest but at least you get to see what you need.  Save your campaignes as templates.  That way when you go to "create" a new email you can go to your saved templates and see ALL of them.  It's all I've got for now.  Hopefully they will actually build something the user wants instead of whoever they asked (if) about new changes.

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