Where are the Thumbnail Previews on the Email Page?

New look doesn't seem to show the campaign thumbnails on the list of campaigns. Big negative!

Carol FishmanC424607707
Frequent Participant

Thanks for the suggestion. How do you save a campaign as a template?


In response to Carol Fishman.

You can click on the campaign you want to save, then click on the Actions at the top right.  The dropdown will have a selection "Save as Template".  It is still tedious in the beginning but then you will have all the thumbnails to choose from in the future.  I started doing this right away so I don't waste any more time trying to find the past campaigns I need.  PS  Regular saving under the Folders template doesn't work.  Been there, done that.  You have to "Save as Template".

Carol FishmanC424607707
Frequent Participant

Thank you!! I was clicking on "Actions" in the Campaigns list and didn't see the "Save as Template" option. Didn't know I had to open it first. Works perfectly. Thanks!


By now, I'm hoping that the Constant Contact Development team realizes that removing the thumbnails from the Campaign section has not been well received...and that they are working diligently on a quick-turnaround planning for re-installing them.


I called about this the other day to express the negative effect it has had in my office.  I was trying to put together a time-sensitive, required report for a grant funding source and experienced both the "no thumbnail" and "scroll down, scroll down" issue when I was trying to find specific campaigns that I wanted to share in my annual report. The new "features" cost me about an extra hour in putting together the report.



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Hi there. Love the changes and improvement you are working on. However, you took away my thumbnails on the list of campaigns. It's really important for me to be able to see the thumbnails to decide which look I want to go for. I have to open, review, then back out now.
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please bring back the campaign thumbnails. its a lot easier to find what you're looking for with a visual.
Many times I reuse themes and ideas from past years...and now I can no longer see the previews on the main screen. Also, clicking back in my browser automatically takes me back to the top of my campaigns instead of the section of campaigns I was previously looking at...poor functionality for a small business owner!
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I feel the same way. I'm so confused.

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