Why no graph in new reporting function?

Looks great but why no graph for reporting showing results opens, clicks, etc. against an industry?
RE: The new screen layout for Reporting or Results. I miss the little graph - I found that helpful - and I miss seeing the actual number of opens, rather than just the % of opens.
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Please bring back the old line graph. This graph was extremely helpful to our school and to me as an author of our weekly email marketing campaign. Please ignore and discount any negative feedback from other users, especially complaints that the graphing tool was too confusing. People who make complaints like that are idiots with insufficient mathematical education. The graphing tool was not confusing at all and I liked the condensed data table below it as well. Your new data table is too spread out and should also be stylized to reflect the previous version's. Please bring back the line graph of the open rates for all the campaigns emails. That graph, which included a bar graph of the recipient count as well as another line graph of the open rate was very helpful to look at long-term trends with our school readers from week to week.
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please bring back the old chart and graph for reports
Hi, I really like looking at the graph display on the email open report. I thought the graph was a nice feature. Hope this helps and thanks for the consideration. Nate.
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I really miss the infographics I used to see when I looked at how my emails were doing. In a snapshot I could see what was going on without having to study the numbers.
I'm not linking the new format. Granted it has new features, but some of the old ones are gone. Like the graph that show historic trends of e-mails, and a few other things that seem not to there. Also don't appreciate the pop-ups for "Let us design one for you". Also, a bit weird, I have two different accounts. One opens with the new format. The other does not. In any event, the new format seems to be over-engineered for day to day use. New whistles and bells, but not as information friendly as before.
There is a distinction between emails and events. All are not "campaigns." I would like to be able to view each type separately, as before. One of my "campaigns" was established some months ago and is ongoing, but to find it I have to scroll through countless items to find it. Was it broken before? Why was it "fixed"? :) Unless I am missing something, I don't see any benefit to this new format. (And I really did try to wait until I got more used to it!)
I do not like the new changes. The website was very easy to use. Now you have to open more window to get to the information you are looking for.
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