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I have been using CC for many years now and am REALLY not happy with the new editor. It is VERY limiting, especially with using images. PLEASE make it possible to insert an image into a block of copy and have it wrap around the image. I used to be able to do this in the previous editor but cannot do it in the new version. I feel like this editor is harder to work with than the previous version. Appreciate your attention to this.Thanks! Cindy

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Totally agree with previous comments. I will probably leave as well. You have til the end of the year to update this clunky, challenging new editor that barely works, and make people have to redo all their templates or...


You might say this editor is improved, but IMHO you also removed essential functions like text wrap and image captioning, making it super complicated to do what used to be simple.

As a long time CC customer, I can only say that I'm very, very disappointed in this change.

I'd be happy to be included again on a panel to tell you why this editor has been moved far away from meeting my needs.


Ireally hope that it truly gets improved, or that you decide to refund your customers for what you are doing by removing features and expecting it to be OK!

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